Sean P. Donahue


Shattered Dreams (1998)
as Mel
Ground Rules (1997)
as Jack Harris
Diamond Run (1996)
as Deputy
Star Hunter (1996)
as Spivak
Unstrung Heroes (1995)
as Ralph Crispi
Dragon Fury (1995)
Roughcut (1994)
as Garrett
The Mosaic Project (1994)
as Jerry
Parole Violators (1994)
as Miles Long
Fighting Spirit (1992)
as Billy Edwards
They Call Me Macho Woman (1991)
Omega Cop (1990)
as Scavenger / Stuntperson
Blood Hands (1990)
as Steve Callahan
The Vineyard (1989)
as Brian Whitman
Kill Squad (1982)
as Billy © 2020

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