Matthew Kennedy


Psycho Goreman (2021)
as Kortex
Chowboys (2018)
The Void (2016)
as Cliff Robertson
Imitations (2016)
as Divorced Dad
The Editor (2014)
as Peter Porfiry
Breaking Santa (2012)
as Matt
Manborg (2011)
as Manborg
Father's Day (2011)
as Father John Sullivan
Cool Guys (2010)
as Rick
Kris Miss (2010)
Inferno of the Dead (2009)
as Male Victim
Fireman (2009)
Xtreme Ghost Killers (2009)
as Pepper Tellicherry
Nobodies (2009)
Heart Of Karl (2008)
as Karl
Goreblade: Warrior King of the Universe (2008)
as Ilias
Punch Out (2008)
Siam I Am (2008)
Lazer Ghosts 2: Return to Laser Cove (2008)
as Trance
Insanophenia (2007)
as Voice of Will
H.I.Z. (Erection Der Zombie) (2007)
Ena Lake Blues (2006)
as A Best Pal
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