Ralph Morgan

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New York City, New York, USA:
Ralph Morgan (July 6, 1883 – June 11, 1956) was a Hollywood film, stage and character actor, and the older brother of Frank Morgan (who played the title role in The Wizard of Oz, 1939). Description above from the Wikipedia article Ralph Morgan, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.


Gold Fever (1952)
as Nugget Jack
Heart of the Rockies (1951)
as Andrew Willard
The Creeper (1948)
as Dr. Lester Cavigny
Sword of the Avenger (1948)
as Don Adolfo Rivera
Sleep, My Love (1948)
as Dr. Rhinehart
The Last Round-up (1947)
as Charlie Mason
Song of the Thin Man (1947)
as David Thayar
Mr. District Attorney (1947)
as Ed Jamison
Black Market Babies (1945)
This Love of Ours (1945)
as Dr. Lane
Hollywood and Vine (1945)
as B.B. Lavish
The Monster and the Ape (1945)
as Prof. Franklin Arnold
Enemy of Women (1944)
as Mr. Quandt
The Great Alaskan Mystery (1944)
as Dr. Miller
Trocadero (1944)
as Sam Wallace
The Monster Maker (1944)
as Anthony Lawrence
Weird Woman (1944)
as Prof. Millard Sawtelle
The Impostor (1944)
as Col. DeBoivin
Jack London (1943)
as George Brett
Stage Door Canteen (1943)
as Ralph Morgan
Hitler's Madman (1943)
as Jan Hanka
The Traitor Within (1942)
as John Scott Ryder
Night Monster (1942)
as Kurt Ingston
A Gentleman After Dark (1942)
as Morrison
Gang Busters (1942)
as Dr. Clayton Maxton
Klondike Fury (1942)
as Dr. Brady
A Close Call for Ellery Queen (1942)
as Alan Rogers
Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. (1941)
as J.P. Morton
Adventure in Washington (1941)
as Sen. Cummings
The Mad Doctor (1940)
as Dr. Charles Downer
I'm Still Alive (1940)
as Producer Walter Blake
Soak the Old (1940)
as Peterson
Forty Little Mothers (1940)
as Judge Joseph M. Williams
Geronimo (1939)
as Gen. Steele
Smuggled Cargo (1939)
as John Clayton
Way Down South (1939)
as Timothy Reed Sr.
Man of Conquest (1939)
as Stephen F. Austin
Fast and Loose (1939)
as Nicholas Torrent
The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt (1939)
as Spiro Gregory
Out West with the Hardys (1938)
as Bill Northcote
Shadows Over Shanghai (1938)
as Howard Barclay
Army Girl (1938)
as Kennett
Barefoot Boy (1938)
as John Hale
Mother Carey's Chickens (1938)
as Capt. John Carey
Wives Under Suspicion (1938)
as Shaw MacAllen
Mannequin (1938)
as Briggs
Love Is a Headache (1938)
as Reginald 'Reggie' Odell
Wells Fargo (1937)
as Nicholas Pryor
The Life of Emile Zola (1937)
as Commander of Paris
Exclusive (1937)
as Horace Mitchell
The Outer Gate (1937)
as John Borden
Crack-Up (1936)
as John R. Flemyng
General Spanky (1936)
as Yankee General
Yellowstone (1936)
as James Foster / Anderson
Anthony Adverse (1936)
as Debrulle
Little Miss Nobody (1936)
as Gerald Dexter
Human Cargo (1936)
as District Attorney Carey
The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936)
as Leroy Hutchins, Warcloud's Owner
Speed (1936)
as Mr. Dean
Muss 'em Up (1936)
as Jim Glenray
Magnificent Obsession (1935)
as Randolph
Condemned to Live (1935)
as Paul Kristan
Calm Yourself (1935)
as Kenneth S. Rockwell
Star of Midnight (1935)
as Roger Classon
Hell in the Heavens (1934)
as Lt. 'Pop' Roget
Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round (1934)
as Herbert Rosson
A Girl of the Limberlost (1934)
as Wesley Sinton
Their Big Moment (1934)
as Dr. Portman
Stand Up and Cheer! (1934)
as Secretary to President
The Last Gentleman (1934)
as Henry Loring, Cabot's lawyer
No Greater Glory (1934)
as Father
Orient Express (1934)
as Dr. Richard Czinner
Little Men (1934)
as Professor Bhaer
The Kennel Murder Case (1933)
as Raymond Wrede
The Mad Game (1933)
as Judge Penfield
The Power and the Glory (1933)
as Henry
Doctor Bull (1933)
as Dr. Verney
Shanghai Madness (1933)
as Li Po Chang
Trick for Trick (1933)
as Azrah
Strange Interlude (1932)
as Charlie Marsden
Rasputin and the Empress (1932)
as Czar Nicholas II
The Son-Daughter (1932)
as Fang Fou Hy
Disorderly Conduct (1932)
as James Crawford
After Tomorrow (1932)
as Dr. Sullivan
Dance Team (1932)
as Alex Prentice
Honor Among Lovers (1931)
as Riggs
The Man Who Found Himself (1925)
as Edwin Macauley Jr

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