Rosella Towne

Place of birth:
Youngstown, Ohio, USA:


No, No, Nanette (1940)
as Stewardess
Rocky Mountain Rangers (1940)
as Doris Manners
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939)
as Lady of the Court (uncredited)
Code of the Secret Service (1939)
as Elaine
Dark Victory (1939)
as Girl in Box (uncredited)
Women in the Wind (1939)
as Phyllis
The Adventures of Jane Arden (1939)
as Jane Arden
Secret Service of the Air (1939)
as Zelma Warren
Going Places (1938)
as Young Lady at Party
The Declaration of Independence (1938)
as Betsy Kramer
Hard to Get (1938)
as Miss Gray (uncredited)
Boy Meets Girl (1938)
as Hospital Nurse Wheeling Larry
Cowboy from Brooklyn (1938)
as Panthea Landis
Gold Diggers in Paris (1938)
as Golddigger
Blondes at Work (1938)
as Louisa Revelle
The Patient in Room 18 (1938)
as Maida Day
Submarine D-1 (1937)
as Mary
Expensive Husbands (1937)
as Brenner's Receptionist
The Adventurous Blonde (1937)
as Hostess
Varsity Show (1937)
as Passerby © 2021

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