Ray Sharkey



Cop and ½ (1993)
as Vinnie Fountain
Zebrahead (1992)
as Richard
Round Trip to Heaven (1992)
as Stoneface
In the Line of Duty: Street War (1992)
as Det. Victor Tomasino
Chrome Soldiers (1992)
as Gabe Ricci
Dead On: Relentless II (1992)
as Kyle Valsone
Caged Fear (1991)
as Warden Hayes
Cops Are Robbers (1990)
The Rain Killer (1990)
as Capra
The Take (1990)
as Dennis
27 Wagons Full of Cotton (1990)
as Silva
The Neon Empire (1989)
as Junior Molov
Wired (1989)
as Angel Velasquez
Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills (1989)
as Frank
The Revenge of Al Capone (1989)
as Scarface
Act of Piracy (1988)
as Jack Wilcox
P.I. Private Investigations (1987)
as Ryan
No Mercy (1986)
as Angles Ryan
Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp (1986)
as Grand Vizier
Wise Guys (1986)
as Marco
92 Grosvenor Street (1985)
Hellhole (1985)
as Silk
Body Rock (1984)
as Terrence
Du-beat-e-o (1984)
as duBEAT-e-o
Some Kind of Hero (1982)
as Sgt. Vinnie DiAngelo
Regina Roma (1982)
Love & Money (1982)
as Byron Levin
The Ordeal of Bill Carney (1981)
as Bill Carney
The Idolmaker (1980)
as Vincent 'Vinnie' Vacarri
Willie and Phil (1980)
as Phil D'Amico
Heart Beat (1980)
as Ira
Paradise Alley (1978)
as Legs
Who'll Stop the Rain (1978)
as Smitty
Stunts (1977)
as Paul Salerno
Hot Tomorrows (1977)
as Louis

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