Eagle Squadron


Categories: Romance, War
An American joins the British Royal Air Force just before Pearl Harbor is attacked, and falls in love with a beautiful English girl.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1942-06-16
Run time: 109 minute / 1:49
Director: Arthur Lubin
Production Company : Universal Pictures
Production Country: United States of America


Robert Stack
as Chuck S. Brewer
Diana Barrymore
as Anne Partridge
Jon Hall
as Hank Starr
Eddie Albert
as Leckie
Nigel Bruce
as McKinnon
Evelyn Ankers
as Nancy Mitchell
Leif Erickson
as Johnny M. Coe
John Loder
as Paddy Carson
Edgar Barrier
as Wadislaw Borowsky
Isobel Elsom
as Dame Elizabeth Whitby
Alan Hale Jr.
as Olsen
Don Porter
as Ramsey
Donald Stuart
as Hoskins
Frederick Worlock
as Grenfall
Stanley Ridges
as Air Minister
Gene Reynolds
as The kid
Robert Warwick
as Bullock
Clarence Straight
as Chandler
Edmund Glover
as Meeker
Gladys Cooper
as Aunt Emmeline
Rhys Williams
as Sgt. Johns
Paul Cavanagh
as Sir James Patridge
Gavin Muir
as Major Severn
Jill Esmond
as Phyllis
Ian Wolfe
as Sir Charles Porter
Alan Napier
as Black Watch officer
Queenie Leonard
as Bridget - Lancashire blonde
Audrey Long
as Nurse
Mary Carr
as Mother
Peter Lawford
as Pilot
Rex Lease
as German soldier
Richard Cramer
as Man
William Severn
as Billy
Richard Fraser
as Lt. Jefferys
Richard Crane
as Griffith
Howard Banks
as Barker
Harold Landon
as Welch
Todd Karns
as Meyers
Charles King Jr.
as Cadet Chubby
Harold De Becker
as Pvt. Owen
Carl Harbord
as Lubbock
Charles Irwin
as Sir Benjamin Trask
Olaf Hytten
as Day Controller
Stanley Smith
as Bell, RAF pilot
Richard Davies
as White, RAF pilot
John Burton
as Wing Commander
Tom Stevenson
as Allison
James Eagles
as Blind patient
Irene Tedrow
as Woman
Peggy Ann Garner
as Child
Linda Bieber
as Child
Louis Adlon
as German Sergeant
Harry Allen
as Cockney
Paula Allen
as Child
Radford Allen
as Child
Rudolph Anders
as German Squad Leader
Rene Austin
as Child
Lee Bennett
as Flyer
Barry Bernard
as Officer
Wilda Bieber
as Child
Howard Blanchard
as Child
John Bleifer
as German Sergeant
Walter Bonn
as German Soldier
Paul Bryar
as Frenchman
Vicki Campbell
as Nurse
Fred Cavens
as Frenchman
Gerard Cavin
as Channel Crewman
Dennis Chaldecott
as Child
David Clyde
as Fire Warden
Rae Collett
as Child
James Craven
as Fire Warden
Carol Curtis-Brown
as Brown Hair
Leslie Denison
as Night Controller
John Estes
as Flyer
Herbert Evans
as Air Raid Warden
Florence Gill
as Cockney
Arthur Gould-Porter
as British Sound Detector
Eddie Hall
as Flyer
Alec Harford
as Cockney
James Harker
as Night Fighter
Mary Lou Harrington
as Child
Keith Hitchcock
as Commanding Officer
John Holland
as Fire Warden
Colin Kenny
as Fire Warden
Guy Kingsford
as London Policeman
Kate Drain Lawson
as Large Woman
Bruce Lester
as King
Oscar Loraine
as Frenchman
Kenneth MacDonald
as Margate Dispatcher
Tommy Martin
as Evacuated Child
Viola Moore
as W.A.A.F.
Jessica Newcombe
as Rescue Worker
Tarquin Olivier
as Georgie
Frank Penny
as Fireman
Quentin Reynolds
as Narrator
Clare Sandars
as Child
James Seay
as Medical Officer
Yvonne Severn
as Child
Billy Sheffield
as Child
Reginald Sheffield
as Doc
Ivan F. Simpson
as Simms
Robert Street
as Night Fighter
Harry Stubbs
as Cockney
Cyril Thornton
as Binocular Observer
Roland Varno
as Aide-de-camp
Pax Walker
as Girl
Johnny Walsh
as Kid
Crane Whitley
as German Sentry
Heather Wilde
as W.A.A.F.
Eric Wilton
as Fire Warden
Bruce Wyndham
as German Officer
Joyce Wynn
as W.A.A.F.
C. S. Forester Story

Walter Wanger Producer

Stanley Cortez Cinematography

Alexander Golitzen Art Direction
Jack Otterson Art Direction

Costume & Make-Up
Vera West Costume Design

Frank Skinner Music

Philip Cahn Editor

Norman Reilly Raine Writer

Arthur Lubin Director
Gil Valle Assistant Director

Charles Carroll Sound

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