What would you have done if you had been given absolute power of life and death over everybody else in the whole world?

Categories: Drama, History, Romance
The perversion behind imperial Rome, the epic story of Rome's mad Emporer. All the details of his cruel, bizarre reign are revealed right here: His unholy sexual passion for his sister, his marriage to Rome's most infamous prostitute, his fiendishly inventive means of disposing those who would oppose him, and more.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1979-01-21
Run time: 156 minute / 2:36
Budget: $17,500,000
Revenue: $23,438,120
Directors: Tinto Brass, Bob Guccione, Giancarlo Lui.
Writer: Gore Vidal
Production Companies : Penthouse Films International, Felix Cinematorgrafica
Production Countries: Italy, United States of America


Malcolm McDowell
as Caligula
Teresa Ann Savoy
as Drusilla
Helen Mirren
as Caesonia
Peter O'Toole
as Tiberius
John Gielgud
as Nerva
Paolo Bonacelli
as Chaerea
Guido Mannari
as Macro
Giancarlo Badessi
as Claudius
John Steiner
as Longinus
Bruno Brive
as Gemellus
Anneka Di Lorenzo
as Messalina
Adriana Asti
as Ennia
Mirella D'Angelo
as Livia
Leopoldo Trieste
as Charicles
Rick Parets
as Mnester
Paula Mitchell
as Subura Singer
Osiride Pevarello
as Giant
Donato Placido
as Proculus
Lori Wagner
as Agrippina
Nino Baragli Editor

Costume & Make-Up
Danilo Donati Costume Design

Danilo Donati Art Direction

Gore Vidal Screenplay

Costume & Make-Up
Amedeo Alessi Assistant Makeup Artist

Russell Lloyd Editor

Piernico Solinas First Assistant Director

Costume & Make-Up
Mario Michisanti Assistant Makeup Artist
Ennio Cascioli Assistant Hairstylist

Franco Rossellini Producer

Bruno Nicolai Original Music Composer

Silvano Ippoliti Director of Photography

Tinto Brass Director

Tinto Brass Editor

Bob Guccione Director

Bob Guccione Producer

Sergei Prokofiev Music
Aram Khachaturyan Music

Costume & Make-Up
Rosario Prestopino Assistant Makeup Artist
Maurizio Trani Assistant Makeup Artist

Paolo Heusch Casting

Costume & Make-Up
Iole Cecchini Hairstylist
Alessandro Jacoponi Assistant Hairstylist

Giovanni Soldati Second Assistant Director

Vittorio Fornasiero Production Supervisor

Costume & Make-Up
Fabrizio Sforza Assistant Makeup Artist
Lucia La Porta Assistant Makeup Artist

Giovanni Michelagnoli Second Assistant Director

Costume & Make-Up
Alfredo Tiberi Assistant Makeup Artist

Giancarlo Lui Director

Costume & Make-Up
Adriana Sforza Assistant Hairstylist

Mario Basili Assistant Production Manager

Costume & Make-Up
Giuseppe Banchelli Makeup Artist
Gino Tamagnini Assistant Makeup Artist
Galileo Mandini Assistant Hairstylist

Gabriele Polverosi Second Assistant Director

Costume & Make-Up
Adonella De Rossi Assistant Makeup Artist
Armenio Marroni Assistant Hairstylist
Placida Crapanzano Assistant Hairstylist
Antonio Maltempo Assistant Makeup Artist
Antonietta Caputo Assistant Hairstylist
Paolo Borselli Assistant Hairstylist
Lamberto Biseo Assistant Makeup Artist
Claudia Giustini Assistant Makeup Artist

Alessandro Mattei Production Supervisor

Costume & Make-Up
Vittorio Biseo Assistant Makeup Artist
Luciana Fastelli Assistant Hairstylist
Emilio Trani Assistant Makeup Artist

Roberto Tatti Casting

Costume & Make-Up
Anna Graziosi Assistant Hairstylist
Maria-Luisa Fraticelli Assistant Hairstylist
Liliana Dulac Assistant Makeup Artist
Maria Favella Assistant Hairstylist
Giovanni Morosi Assistant Makeup Artist
Andreina Ambrosini Assistant Makeup Artist
Agnese Panarotto Assistant Hairstylist
Alfio Meniconi Assistant Makeup Artist

Luca Ronchi Second Assistant Director

Costume & Make-Up
Alvaro Rossi Assistant Makeup Artist
Renato Francola Assistant Makeup Artist
Carlo Aprile Assistant Hairstylist
Alberto Trevaglini Assistant Makeup Artist
Carla Indoni Assistant Hairstylist
Gabriella Trani Assistant Makeup Artist

Silvano Spoletini Production Supervisor

Costume & Make-Up
Clementina Battello Assistant Hairstylist
Massimo De Rossi Assistant Makeup Artist
Corrado Blengini Assistant Makeup Artist
Cinzia Landi Assistant Makeup Artist
Guerrino Todero Assistant Hairstylist

Jack H. Silverman Executive Producer

Costume & Make-Up
Giovanni Amedei Assistant Makeup Artist
Wanda Antonelli Assistant Hairstylist
Maurizio Bevilacqua Assistant Makeup Artist
Thea Boggiatto Assistant Makeup Artist
Massimo Camilletti Assistant Makeup Artist
Liliane Ceccini Assistant Hairstylist
Marisa Centanni Assistant Hairstylist
Roberto Centanni Assistant Makeup Artist
Mario Centofanto Assistant Hairstylist
M. Pia De Biase Assistant Hairstylist
Fernanda De Rossi Assistant Makeup Artist
Titi Efrade Assistant Makeup Artist
Marcella Favella Assistant Hairstylist
Luisa Garbini Assistant Hairstylist
Bruno Gironi Assistant Makeup Artist
Emilia Iacchini Assistant Hairstylist
Dina Iacobucci Assistant Hairstylist
Rossana Musitelli Assistant Makeup Artist
Fiorella Petitti Assistant Hairstylist
Simonetta Pirino Assistant Hairstylist
Silvana Senzacqua Assistant Hairstylist
Ettore Tarquini Assistant Hairstylist

Mario Di Biase Production Manager
Sergio Galiano Unit Production Manager
Augusto Marabelli Production Supervisor
Marisa Nannicini Production Supervisor
Giuseppe Serpe Production Supervisor

Luigi Attardi Second Assistant Director
Agostino Pisaneschi Second Assistant Director
Fabrizio Pisaneschi Second Assistant Director

Gianpiero Grassi Property Master

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