When the streets are a jungle... There can only be one king.

Category: Action
Lyon Gaultier is a deserter in the Foreign Legion arriving in the USA entirely hard up. He finds his brother between life and death and his sister-in-law without the money needed to heal her husband and to maintain her child. To earn the money needed, Gaultier decides to take part in some very dangerous clandestine fights.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1990-06-07
Run time: 105 minute / 1:45
Budget: $6,000,000
Revenue: $24,271,196
Director: Sheldon Lettich
Writers: Sheldon Lettich, Jean-Claude Van Damme.
Production Companies : Universal Pictures, Imperial Filmproduktion
Production Country: United States of America


Jean-Claude Van Damme
as Leon Gaultier
Harrison Page
as Joshua Eldridge
Lisa Pelikan
as Hélène Gaultier
Ashley Johnson
as Nicole Gaultier
Deborah Rennard
as Cynthia
Brian Thompson
as Russell
Michel Qissi
as Moustafa
Voyo Goric
as Sgt. Hartog
Billy Blanks
as African Legionnaire
Tony Halme
as security guard
Scott Spiegel
as Pool Fight Bookie
James Brewster Thompson
as N.Y. 'Monster' Fighter
Paco Christian Prieto
as Pool Fighter
George McDaniel
as Adjutant
Eric Karson
as Doctor
Ash Adams
as Francois
William T. Amos
as Drug Dealer
Dennis Rucker
as Irish Legionnaire
Roz Bosley
as Nurse
Stefanos Miltsakakis
as Jeep Driver
Lew Hopson
as Ship's Mate
Sebastian Massa
as Ship's Engineer
Roger Etienne
as Interpol Inspector
Douglas DuVal
as N.Y. Security Guard
Lawrence Bender
as Garage Fight Heckler
Tracy Shakespeare
as Heckler's Date
Leonard Gaines
as Bookie #1
Lonnie Burr
as Bookie #2
Christopher M. Brown
as Street Gang Leader
Roger La Page
as Landlord
Loren Freeman
as Salesperson
Tony Valentino
as Hospital Technician
Clement von Franckenstein
as English Investor
Christopher Nixon
as German Investor
Eduardo Ricard
as Spanish Investor
Julie Rudolph
as Homeless Mother
Micheline Lettich
as Homeless Child
Galen Yuen
as Desk Bookie
Jeff Speakman
as Mansion Security Man
Steven R. Purwin
as Airplane Pilot
Freeman King
as Homeless Man
Mark Williams
as N.Y. Homeless Fighter #1
Mark De Alessandro
as N.Y. Homeless Fighter #2
Tony 'Satch' Williams
as Garage Fighter
Jeff Langton
as Cynthia's Fighter
Stuart F. Wilson
as Scottish Fighter
Magic Schwarz
as Raquetball Fighter
Abdel Qissi
as Attila
Lindsey Carlos
as Street Gang Member #1
Maurice Lamont
as Street Gang Member #2
Sifu Williams
as Street Gang Member #3
as Street Gang Member #4
Carlton Holder
as Street Gang Member #5
Michael M. Foley
as Video Fighter #1
A.D. Muyich
as Video Fighter #2
Don Pike
as BMW Passenger #1
Dean Milor Thomas
as BMW Passenger #2
Kamel Krifa
as Attila's Bodyguard
Sheldon Lettich
as Dock Worker
Tim Yasui
as Gambler
Sheldon Lettich Screenplay

Sheldon Lettich Director

Jean-Claude Van Damme Screenplay

Ash R. Shah Producer

John Scott Original Music Composer

Mark Conte Editor

Anders P. Jensen Executive Producer

Frank Dux Martial Arts Choreographer

Eric Karson Producer
Sundip R. Shah Executive Producer
Sunil R. Shah Executive Producer

Robert C. New Director of Photography

Richard C. Allen Music Editor

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