Category: Drama
As the opening scroll tells us, Narcotic was "presented in the hope that the public may become aware of the terrific struggle to rid the world of drug addiction." The movie itself is a salacious plunge into a world of sordid pleasures. It tells us the story of Dr. William G. Davies, an infamous snake-oil salesman who started his career as a promising medical student.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1933-08-01
Run time: 57 minute / 0:57
Directors: Dwain Esper, Vival Sodar't.
Writer: Hildegarde Stadie
Production Country: United States of America


Harry Cording
as Dr. William G. Davis
Joan Dix
as Mrs. Davies
Patricia Farley
as Mae
Jean Lacy
as Lena
J. Stuart Blackton Jr.
as Gee Wu
Paul Panzer
as Cashier
Miami Alvarez
as Drug addict
Charles Bennett
as Hand wrestler
Josef Swickard
as Federal narcotics agent
Dwain Esper Director
Vival Sodar't Director

A.J. Karnopp Story
Hildegarde Stadie Screenplay
Hildegarde Stadie Story

Dwain Esper Producer
Hildegarde Stadie Producer

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