The Little Polar Bear

Categories: Animation, Family
This charming animated adventure follows a young polar bear, Lars, as he befriends Robbie, a seal. Together, these two form a friendship that proves different breeds of animals can get along perfectly well.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2001-10-04
Run time: 78 minute / 1:18
Revenue: $14,846,994
Directors: Piet De Rycker, Thilo Rothkirch.
Writers: Piet De Rycker, Thomas Wittenburg, Bert Schrickel.
Production Companies : Rothkirch Cartoon Film, Buena Vista Negative Cutting, Buena Vista Sound Studios, O'Henry Sound Studios, Pacific Title, Technicolor, Warner Bros. Pictures
Production Country: Germany



Mijail Verona
as Lars (voice)
Jeanette Biedermann
as Greta (voice)
Vanessa Petruo
as Manili (voice)
Ingolf Lück
as Mika (voice)
Barbara Adolph
as Großmutter (voice)
Anke Engelke
as Mutter Eisbär (voice)
Maximilian Artajo
as Robby (voice)
Jochen Busse
as Kalle (voice)
Mike Krüger
as Nalle (voice)
Bernd Stelter
as Palle (voice)
Dirk Bach
as Caruso (voice)
Sandro Blümel
as Pieps (voice)
Harry Rowohlt
as Hippo (voice)
Adak Azdasht
as Lena (voice)
Wolfgang Völz
as Sopho (voice)
Hans Werner Olm
as 1. Lemming / 2. Möwe (voice)
Johann König
as 2. Lemming (voice)
Thomas Hackenberg
as 3. Lemming (voice)
Roberto Capitoni
as 4. Lemming (voice)
Frank Glaubrecht
as Drago (voice)
Santiago Ziesmer
as 1. Möwe (voice)
Frank Schaff
as 3. Möwe (voice)
Wesley Singerman
as Lars (voice)
Brianne Brozey
as Robby (voice)
Michael McConnohie
as Mika (voice)
Daran Norris
as Brutus (voice)
Neil Kaplan
as Bert (voice)
Tom Fahn
as Boris (voice)
Kimberly J. Brown
as Lona (voice)
RuDee Sade
as Greta (voice)
Joe Ochman
as Caruso (voice)
Sandy Fox
as Pieps (voice)
Rebecca Forstadt
as Anna (voice)
Steve Blum
as Henry (voice)
Ralph Votrian
as Sophocles (voice)
Mari Devon
as Nina (voice)
Edie Mirman
as Grandmother / Lemming 3 (voice)
Joshua Seth
as Lemming 1 (voice)
R. Martin Klein
as Lemming 2 (voice)
Peter Lurie
as Lemming 4 (voice)
Steve Kramer
as Seagull 1 (voice)
Jason Spisak
as Seagull 2 (voice)
Robert Axelrod
as Seagull 3 (voice)
Steve Bulen
as Additional Voices (voice)
Richard Cansino
as Additional Voices (voice)
Melora Harte
as Additional Voices (voice)
Piet De Rycker Screenplay

Piet De Rycker Director
Thilo Rothkirch Director

Thilo Rothkirch Producer

Hans de Beer Novel

Nigel Clarke Music
Michael Csányi-Wills Music

Maya Gräfin Rothkirch Executive Producer

Alexander Lindner Assistant Director

Thomas Wittenburg Screenplay

Siegmund Grewenig Producer
Willi Geike Producer

Bert Schrickel Screenplay

Davy Sidjanski Producer
Wolfgang Wegmann Producer

Bettina Behrens Editor
Nadia Soraya Hennrich Kock Editor

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