Devil's Express

50,000 years of Death stalks the subways!!!

Categories: Horror, Action, Adventure, Crime
Warhawk Tanzania plays Luke Curtis who along with his friend Rodan (Wilfredo Roldan) takes a break from the city streets to train kung fu in China. Whilst there, Rodan steals an ancient amulet which prevents an evil spirit from leaving his tomb. The evil spirit now free, possesses somebody and lurks in the subways killing and mutilating its victims. Can kung fu master Luke Curtis right Rodan's wrong and put a stop to the killings?

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1976-09-07
Run time: 82 minute / 1:22
Director: Barry Rosen
Production Company : Mahler Films
Production Country: United States of America



Warhawk Tanzania
as Luke
Larry Fleischman
as Lt. Cris Allen
Wilfredo Roldan
as Rodan
Elsie Roman
Tsikagi Tanzania
Brother Theodore
as Street Preacher
Aki Aleong
as Chinese Businessman
Sherry Steiner
as Girl in Subway
David E. Durston
as American Businessman
Domonic Paris
Barry Rosen Director

Barry Rosen Writer
Niki Patton Writer
Pascual Vaquer Writer
CeOtis Robinson Writer
Bobbi Sapperstein Writer

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