Gunsmith Cats

They're Beautiful... They're Bold... and They're Bulletproof!

Categories: Animation, Action, Comedy
Rally Vincent and Minnie May Hopkins are just a pair of gun shop owners who do a bit of bounty hunting to make ends meet when a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms agent comes to them. Using the threat of arresting them for their lack of a retail license for their merchandise and the resulting unpaid taxes, he forces them to agree to cooperate in a sting to break a gun running ring. They have an initial success, but that brings new problems as the ring's leader brings in a merciless assassin to eliminate these new enemies. It will take all their skill, allies and some luck to come out this crisis alive.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1995-11-01
Run time: 90 minute / 1:30
Director: Takeshi Mori
Writer: Atsuji Kaneko
Production Companies : Imagica, TBS, OLM, Kodansha
Production Country: Japan



Michiko Neya
as Rally Vincent (voice)
Kae Araki
as "Minnie" May Hopkins (voice)
Hōchū Ōtsuka
as Bill Collins (voice)
Aya Hisakawa
as Becky Farrah (voice)
Seizō Katō
as Senator Edward Haintz (voice)
Michihiro Ikemizu
as George Black (voice)
Yoko Soumi
as Natasha Radinov (voice)
Akiko Hiramatsu
as Cathy (voice)
Daisuke Gouri
as Jonathan Washington (voice)
Ikuya Sawaki
as Roy Coleman (voice)
Kenichi Ono
as Gray (voice)
Toranori Yoshikawa
as Jody (voice)
Youhei Tadano
as Police Officer (voice)
Shuichi Kakesu Editor

Peter Erskine Music

Visual Effects
Mahiro Maeda Animation
Hiroyuki Morita Key Animation

Takeshi Mori Director

Takeshi Mori Storyboard

Mitsuru Ohshima Associate Producer

Kenichi Sonoda Original Story

Visual Effects
Kenichi Sonoda Character Designer

Atsuji Kaneko Screenplay

Visual Effects
Toshihisa Kaiya Animation Manager
Toshihisa Kaiya Animation Director
Toshihisa Kaiya Key Animation

Yoshimasa Mizuo Producer

Visual Effects
Yuichi Tanaka Key Animation
Kazuya Murata Animation Director

Kazuya Murata Second Unit Director

Visual Effects
Kenji Hattori Key Animation

Kazuo Ogura Background Designer

Visual Effects
Takashi Hashimoto Animation
Shinya Takahashi Animation

Kazuo Nagai Art Direction
Kazuo Nagai Background Designer

Visual Effects
Toshimitsu Kobayashi Animation Director

Tadashi Kudo Background Designer

Visual Effects
Masayuki Gotou Key Animation
Hideki Hamazu Key Animation

Noriyuki Ohta Special Effects

Visual Effects
Noriko Moritomo Key Animation
Takehiro Noda Key Animation
Masaya Saitō Key Animation
Kenichi Yoshida Key Animation

Makoto Shiraishi Background Designer

Visual Effects
Norio Matsumoto Key Animation
Fujika Enomoto Fix Animator
Norihiro Matsubara Animation Director
Norihiro Matsubara Character Designer

Toshiaki Okuno Producer

Brian Risner Sound Designer

Visual Effects
Hidenori Matsubara Animation
Junichi Hayama Key Animation

Teruo Miyahara Executive Producer

Visual Effects
Hiroyuki Okuno Key Animation
Tetsuhito Saitou Key Animation
Hiroshi Yoneda Key Animation
Masahiro Kurio Animation Director
Masahiro Kurio Animation Supervisor
Kōji Sugiura Mechanical Designer
Yuriko Chiba Animation Manager
Yuriko Chiba Animation Director
Yuriko Chiba Key Animation

Tetsuo Genshou Associate Producer

Visual Effects
Katsuichi Nakayama Animation Manager
Katsuichi Nakayama Animation Director
Katsuichi Nakayama Key Animation

Yōji Nakaza Background Designer

Visual Effects
Matsutake Tokuyuki Key Animation
Takuya Saitō Key Animation
Hidetoshi Yoshida Animation Manager

Hiroo Takimoto Producer
Umeo Ito Producer

Visual Effects
Tetsuya Hara Fix Animator

Hiroyuki Fukumoto Associate Producer

Akihito Fujimori Background Designer
Ayumi Shimazu Background Designer
Kiyomi Enomoto Background Designer
Kumi Nagumo Background Designer

Visual Effects
Takao Yoshino Animation
Akira Otsuka Key Animation
Chihiro Hayashi Key Animation
Kōichi Hashimoto Key Animation
Ryunosuke Otonashi Key Animation
Shigeyuki Suga Key Animation
Kazuya Iwata Key Animation

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