Night Call Nurses

It's always harder at night.

Category: Comedy
The sweet and perky Barbara, the sunny Janis, and the responsible Sandra are a trio of young and attractive nurses who work in the psych ward at a hospital. The threesome really have their hands full dealing with nutty patients, creepy stalkers, and black revolutionaries

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1972-06-01
Run time: 74 minute / 1:14
Director: Jonathan Kaplan
Production Company : New World Pictures
Production Country: United States of America


Patty Byrne
as Barbara
Alana Stewart
as Janis
Mittie Lawrence
as Sandra
Clint Kimbrough
as Dr. Bramlett
Felton Perry
as Jude
Richard Young
as Kyle Toby
Dennis Dugan
as Kit
Christopher Law
as Zach
Stack Pierce
as Sampson
Bobby Hall
as Warden Kelley
Martin Ashe
as Bathrobe Benny
Robert Staats
as E. Eddie Edwards
Kate Monahan
as Nurse Mayall
Dick Miller
as Mr. Jensen
James Millhollin
as Dr. Rolland
Dixie Peabody
as Robin
Tris Coffin
as Miles Bailey
Carlos Varzeas
as Carlos
Barbara Keene
as Chloe
Lynne Guthrie
as Cynthia
Roger Corman Executive Producer

Jonathan Kaplan Director

George Armitage Writer

Julie Corman Producer

Danny Opatoshu Writer

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