Deadly Cheers

Categories: Thriller, Crime, Drama
Julie has been forced to leave her old school and cheer squad behind when her mom gets a job as assistant principal at Wilson High School - a well-funded magnet school for the athletically gifted. When Julie’s tumbling nails her a top position on the champion Wilson Wolf Pack cheer squad, excitement turns to trepidation as her new cheer friends start turning on her. Feeling lost and alone she has to get to the bottom of Wilson’s dirty secrets if she’s going to survive.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2021-09-04
Director: Jessica Janos
Production Company : Shadowboxer LLC


Becki Hayes
as Susan Riverford
Katherine Marsh
as Julie Mckay
Macy Minear
as Vanessa
Shannon Skiles
as Coach Allison
April Clark
as Lexi Riverford
Karla Ojeda
as Kelly
Devon Daniels
as Ricky
Robert Ballo Producer

Jessica Janos Director

Joseph M. Setele Cinematography

John F. Hayes Writer

 © 2021

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