The Grasshopper and the Ants

Category: Animation
As in the classic fable, the grasshopper plays his fiddle and lives for the moment, while the industrious ants squirrel away massive amounts of food for the winter. With his song, he's able to convince at least one small ant until the queen arrives and scares him back to work. The queen warns the grasshopper of the trouble he'll be in, come winter. Winter comes, and the grasshopper, near starvation, stumbles across the ants, who are having a full-on feast in their snug little tree. They take him in and warm him up. The queen tells him only those who work can eat so he must play for them. Written by Jon Reeves

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1934-02-10
Run time: 8 minute / 0:8
Director: Wilfred Jackson
Production Companies : Walt Disney Productions, United Artists
Production Country: United States of America



Pinto Colvig
as Grasshopper
Walt Disney Producer

Leigh Harline Original Music Composer

Visual Effects
Art Babbitt Animation
Ben Sharpsteen Animation
William Roberts Animation
Hamilton Luske Animation

Wilfred Jackson Director

William Cottrell Writer

Visual Effects
Dick Huemer Animation
Les Clark Animation
Dick Lundy Animation
Frenchy de Trémaudan Animation
Albert Hurter Animation Production Assistant

Hugh Hennesy Layout

Visual Effects
Leonard Sebring Animation
Cy Young Animation
Thomas McKimson Animation
Ed Smith Animation

Aesop Writer

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