Techno Police 21C

In 2001 cops don't need .44 magnums... they have robots!

Category: Animation
The year is 2001 and the criminals have taken over Centinel City. The Police have lost control. The citizens are terrified... and no one can stop the madness. Even the Techno Police, a special anti-crime squad, find the situation hopeless until a wise cracking cop with an uncanny knack for out-guessing the criminals joins the force. When a powerful experiment tank is hijacked, the Techno Police and their newest recruit go to work. Equipped with an ultra-sonic car and crime-fighting Technoids, the rookie cop sets out on a death defying high-speed chase through the streets... trying to capture the crooks and trying to stay alive. But no one is aware of the awesome powers about to be unleashed.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1982-08-07
Run time: 80 minute / 1:20
Director: Masashi Matsumoto
Production Companies : ARTMIC Co., Ltd., Studio Nue, Dragon Production, Toho Company, Ltd.
Production Country: Japan


Kumiko Takizawa
as Fubuki Eiena
Yoshito Yasuhara
as Kyosuke Mibu
Junpei Takiguchi
as Scratch
Kenji Utsumi
as Goro Narumi
Masaru Ikeda
as Kosaka Kaoru
Ryusuke Oobayashi
as Bureda
Saeko Shimazu
as Sukyani
Takeshi Aono
as Jack
Naoko Kouda
as Ayabe Marionera
Joe Hisaishi Music

Michio Morioka Producer

Visual Effects
Yoshitaka Amano Character Designer

Mamoru Sasaki Script Supervisor

Yoshimitsu Banno Writer

Yoshimitsu Banno Script
Hiroyuki Hoshiyama Script
Kenichi Matsuzaki Script
Yu Yamamoto Script
Takafumi Arai Cinematography

Masashi Matsumoto Director

Masashi Matsumoto Script
Toshimichi Suzuki Creator

Shunzai Toriumi Sound Engineer

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