Mardock Scramble: The First Compression

Categories: Thriller, Animation, Action, Drama
Rune Ballot is a down-and-out teen prostitute in Mardock City. One day, she's picked up by an ambitious casino manager named Shell who gives her everything she could want. Renewed by a false innocence, a false past, and now the false life Shell has given her, Ballot feels grateful. However, she can't help but be curious about why he's done so much for her, so she does some research about his past on a computer. This turns out to be a mistake which will change her life greatly. When Shell finds out what she's done, he attempts to burn her to death by blowing up her car.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2010-11-06
Run time: 69 minute / 1:9
Director: Susumu Kudou
Writer: Tow Ubukata
Production Companies : GoHands, BROSTA TV, Mardock Scramble Production Committee, Aniplex
Production Country: Japan


Megumi Hayashibara
as Rune Balot
Norito Yashima
as Oeufcoque Penteano
Hiroki Touchi
as Dr. Easter
Kazuya Nakai
as Shell Septinos
Tsutomu Isobe
as Dimsdale Boiled
Kenta Miyake
as Mincemeat the Wink
Masahiko Tanaka
as Welldone the Pussyhand
Mika Kanai
as Rare the Hair
Norio Wakamoto
as Medium the Fingernail
Tomohiro Waki
as Fresh the Pike
Susumu Kudou Director

Susumu Kudou Storyboard
Tow Ubukata Screenplay
Tow Ubukata Novel

Masanobu Nomura Art Direction

Conisch Original Music Composer

Jun Nakai Storyboard
Shingo Suzuki Storyboard

Gou Nakanishi Producer
Haruka Soya Producer
Tomoyuki Kato Producer

Tooru Fukushi Cinematography

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