Crystal Triangle: The Forbidden Revelation

Categories: Animation, Action, Drama
In times of olde, God gave mankind the ten commandments, and a message that has been lost to the centuries. In the present, Koichiro Kamishiro is a modern day Indiana Jones who scours (and often destroys) ruins for hints of the past, until one day he runs across a box filled with two crystal triangles. Having inadvertently run across the key to God's lost message, Kamishiro suddenly has a lot to deal with including assassination attempts by the KGB and the CIA, aliens hell-bent on destroying the Earth and the love of several women!

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1987-07-22
Run time: 87 minute / 1:27
Director: Seiji Okuda
Writer: Junki Takegami
Production Companies : Animate Film, Movic, Sony Music Entertainmant
Production Country: Japan



Masane Tsukayama
as Koichiro Kamishiro
Toshiko Fujita
as Juno Cassidy
Yusaku Yara
as Grigori Yefimovich / Urga
Yuriko Yamamoto
as Miyabi Koto / Himiko
Kazuki Yao
as Isao Murakami
Mayumi Shou
as Mina Katsuki
Ichirō Nagai
as Kûkai
Yukio Nagasaki Producer

Visual Effects
Hideaki Anno Key Animation

Akitarou Daichi Cinematography

Junki Takegami Screenplay

Yutaka Takahashi Executive Producer
Nagateru Kato Producer
Yasuhisa Kazama Producer

Seiji Okuda Director

Seiji Okuda Story

Noriyoshi Matsuura Sound Director
Osamu Totsuka Music
Takeshi Ike Music

Visual Effects
Kazuko Tadano Animation Director

Masazumi Matsumiya Art Direction

Eiji Kishi Executive Producer

Visual Effects
Akiko Nakano Key Animation
Yasuyuki Matsumura Key Animation

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