Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team - Battle in Three Dimensions

Categories: Animation, Action, War
This short film follows the 08th MS Team (led by Shiro Amada in the Gundam Ez-8) through the jungle zone towards the next battlefront. Just as they approach a bridge, the team is attacked by the Zeon forces from the front, left, right, and the air.

Status: Released
Release date: 2013-02-22
Run time: 9 minute / 0:9
Director: Shinya Watada
Writer: Ichirō Ōkouchi
Production Company : SUNRISE
Production Country: Japan



Nobuyuki Hiyama
as Shiro Amada
Mami Koyama
as Karen Joshua
Tesshou Genda
as Terry Sanders Jr.
Hiro Yuuki
as Michel Ninorich
Koji Ishii
as Zhukov
Ichirō Ōkouchi Screenplay

Shinya Watada Director

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