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Category: Documentary
With the advent of sound, the world's leading screen idol, Douglas Fairbanks, experienced a downturn in his fortunes. His thin, reedy voice was not suited to the talkies, his marriage to Mary Pickford was on the outs, and his son, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., had replaced him as a major box-office draw. Faced with the Hollywood equivalent of a mid-life crisis, Doug called up three of his best friends - director Victor Fleming, cinematographer Henry Sharp, and production manager Charles Lewis - and took them on a six-month tour of Asia, ostensibly to shoot a travelogue for United Artists (of which Fairbanks was still a major shareholder.) Their first stop is Honolulu, followed in quick succession by Japan, China, Peking, Hong Kong, Indochina, the Philippines, Siam, and India. Fairbanks and company spend time at such noteworthy spots as the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, the Summer Palace and the Sun Yat-Sen Mausoleum.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1931-12-12
Run time: 80 minute / 1:20
Directors: Victor Fleming, Douglas Fairbanks.
Production Companies : Elton Corporation, United Artists
Production Country: United States of America


Douglas Fairbanks
as Himself
Victor Fleming
as Himself
Duke Kahanamoku
as Himself
SĂ´jin Kamiyama
as Himself
Emilio Aguinaldo
as Himself
Sessue Hayakawa
as Himself
Charles Lewis
as Himself
Henry Sharp
as Himself
Robert E. Sherwood Dialogue

Alfred Newman Original Music Composer

Victor Fleming Director

Victor Fleming Director of Photography
Henry Sharp Director of Photography

Douglas Fairbanks Director

Charles Lewis Production Manager © 2020

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