The Once and Future Smash

In 1970, Mikey and William both portrayed football cannibal Smash-Mouth in the influential cult hit, End Zone 2. Now, 50 years later, only one can wear the mask.

Status: Released IMDb
Directors: Sophia Cacciola, Michael J. Epstein.


Michael St. Michaels
as Mikey Smash
Bill Weeden
as William Mouth
A.J. Cutler
as A.J.
Mark Patton
as Mark Patton
Laurene Landon
as Laurene Landon
Melanie Kinnaman
as Melanie Kinnaman
Adam Marcus
as Adam Marcus
John Dugan
as John Dugan
Vincent Craig Dupree
as V.C. DuPree
Todd Farmer
as Todd Farmer
Mark Torgl
as Mark Torgl
Marc Sheffler
as Marc Sheffler
Bill Johnson
as Bill Johnson
Carl Solomon
as Tex Beckerson / Tex Beckerson Jr.
Neal Jones
as Neal Jones
Kevin Allen
as Jackie J. Jackson
Sean Clark
as Marty Thomas
David Gregory
as Severin rep
Eben McGarr
as Eben McGarr
Joe Ripple
as North Carolina End Zone 2 Fan Club President
Jamie Lockhart
as Blender signature seeker
Chris Cartusciello
as Hotel Concierge / Damn Dirty Ape
Todd Cook
as Abaddon Apollyon the clown
Nick Hunt
as I Make A Warm Cozy Quilt From Your Skin Fan
Mick Turpin
as Man-Spider fan
Mike Schwaner
as Man-Spider fan
Thomas J. Ciesiolha
as Man-Spider fan
Raymond Brousseau
as Man-Spider fan
Jordan Brooke Rash
as Man-Spider fan
Coda Hamby
as Mohawked fan
Loucylle Orren
as Clown girl
Grant Kyzer
as Man-Spider fan
Jeff Simon
as Blender manual autograph seeker
Jeff Ball
as Security Guard
Craig Edwards
as Man-Spider fan
Kris Keeffer
as Convention artist
Tiffany Burnett
as Man-Spider fan
The Clown
as Karaoke DJ Clown
Daniel Beshai
as Man-Spider fan
Cristian James Watkins
as Piggy
Gabriel Ospina
as Ricky
Patrick Eugene Murphy
as Man-Spider fan
Brandon Joyner
as Man-Spider fan
Kristina Knox
as Man-Spider fan
James Shaver
as I Make A Warm Cozy Quilt From Your Skin Fan
Chris Burke
as Moist the clown
Adan Rodriguez
as Man-Spider fan
Kemper Noah
as Kid with $19
Jay Allen Tucker
as Man-Spider fan
Jason Minton
as Carter the Intern
Julia Cacciola
as Julie Kane
Terry Dellinger
as Man-Spider fan
Christine Jarrett
as I Make A Warm Cozy Quilt From Your Skin Fan
Jessica John
as Man-Spider fan
Bill Bair
as Man-Spider fan
Kristen N. Granet
as Man-Spider fan
Krissy McPherson
as Man-Spider fan
Jon McPherson
as Man-Spider fan
Aric Allen
as Bathroom bystander
Linda Vincent
as Man-Spider fan
Loretta Bushick-Beshai
as Man-Spider fan
Christina M. Papineau
as Man-Spider fan
Chris Weik
as Litigious celebrity
William L. Bozarth
as North Carolina End Zone 2 Fan Club Vice President
Michael J. Epstein
as Repo Man
Jeffrey Stackhouse
as Paul Devine
Brigid Marshall
as Snyflan Crump
Ian S. Peterson
as Topher Brandon
Brendan Boogie
as bartender at the offices of Paul Devine
Eric Sheslow
as Repo Man / Jackie's Boss
Jazmin Ortiz
as Boom operator
Bethany Boles-Sheslow
as Judge
Sophia Cacciola Director

Sophia Cacciola Producer

Sophia Cacciola Cinematography

Michael J. Epstein Director

Michael J. Epstein Producer

Michael J. Epstein Writer

Neal Jones Producer © 2021

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