Dragon Ball Z Side Story: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans

Categories: Action, Animation, Adventure
Dr. Raichii is the only Tsufurujin (the race eradicated by the Saiyajin many years ago) thought to have survived. He now is going to take revenge on the only surviving Saiyajin still alive, Goku and Vegeta. He uses machines that emit destron, a gas that will destroy all life on Earth. Now the the Z warriors only have 72 hours to find and destroy Dr. Raichii.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1993-08-06
Run time: 59 minute / 0:59
Director: Shigeyasu Yamauchi
Production Companies : Toei Animation, Bird Studios
Production Country: Japan



Toshio Furukawa
as Piccolo
Masako Nozawa
as Son Goku, Son Gohan, Thalès
Ryou Horikawa
as Vegeta
Shigeyasu Yamauchi Director

Keiju Ishikawa Compositors

Ken'ichi Tajiri Art Direction

Visual Effects
Masahiro Shimanuki Animation

Akira Toriyama Author

Hideyuki Tanaka Recording Supervision

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