Deadly Illusions

Category: Thriller
The famous illusionists, the Romanov brothers, present to the public their grandiose show, after which they are going to end their joint performances because of the accumulated mutual claims. In the first issue, with the disappearance of the assistant from the aquarium filled with water, something goes wrong - it does not appear in the right place. Immediately in the stage headphones of the brothers, the voice of an unknown person says that the girl is with him. He also changed the way complex mechanisms work for tricks. And now they pose a threat to the lives of the brothers. But if the show does not continue, the “voice” will kill the assistant ... The beloved girl of one of the brothers.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2020-11-19
Run time: 108 minute / 1:48
Director: Oleg Assadulin
Writers: Sergey Chetverukhin, Mikhail Zubko.
Production Companies : MEGOGO, Renovatio Entertainment, M-Production
Production Country: Russia



Oleg Assadulin Director

Georgy Malkov Producer

Sergey Safronov Creative Producer
Andrey Safronov Creative Producer
Ilya Safronov Creative Producer
Sergey Chetverukhin Screenplay
Mikhail Zubko Screenplay

Egor Shorokhov Executive Producer

Rodion Nikolaychuk Editor

Costume & Make-Up
Ekaterina Arefyeva Costume Design

Maxim Alipchenko Production Design

Yury Kokoshkin Director of Photography © 2020

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