Atashin'chi: The 3D Movie

Categories: Animation, Comedy
Mother is having a very lucky day but gets struck by lightening on her way home from shopping. From it she gains telekinesis and uses it to level up her housewife skills. Eventually she branches out into being a vigilante when her family gets tired of her powers. But while fulfilling her desire to be a cool super powered woman, she neglects her family duties. During a fight she accidentally hurts Mikan and starts to have a break down, which puts her powers out of control and threatens the safety of everyone in the whole apartment building.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2010-11-13
Run time: 44 minute / 0:44
Director: Wataru Takahashi
Writer: Hiroshi Ônogi
Production Company : Shin-Ei Animation
Production Country: Japan


Daisuke Sakaguchi
as Yuzuhiko (voice)
Fumiko Orikasa
as Mikan (voice)
Kenichi Ogata
as Father (voice)
Kumiko Watanabe
as Mother (voice)
Hikaru Midorikawa
as Iwaki (voice)
Kaori Matoi
as Shimi-chan (voice)
Kappei Yamaguchi
as Fujino (voice)
Miki Itou
as Hakamada-san (voice)
Mizue Ohtsuka
as Nasuo (voice)
Noriko Uemura
as Hara-sensei (voice)
Sumomo Momomori
as Takkun (voice)
Yūsuke Numata
as Yoshioka (voice)
Hiroaki Miura
as Couple male (voice)
Junichi Sugawara
as Ojichan (voice)
Kaoru Morota
as Field gal (voice)
Masafumi Kimura
as Master (voice)
Takeharu Onishi
as Shikai (voice)
Tsubasa Yonaga
as Boy A (voice)
Miya Hanaki
as Reji no obasan (voice)
Tomo Adachi
as Couple female (voice)
Hiroshi Ônogi Screenplay

Wataru Takahashi Director

Wataru Takahashi Storyboard

Eiko Kera Creator

Visual Effects
Masae Otake Animation Director © 2020

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