Tokyo Elegy

Seven Days in the Snake Pit

Categories: Drama, Thriller, Romance, Crime
This transnational production featuring a South African- born director, a Dutch leading man, and a Japanese cast and crew tells the story of a passionate love affair between a convict and a porn star, which is undone by greed and private ghosts. Escaping from the Japanese police, Jack meets Keiko, a money-hungry adult film actress and the younger sister of his ex-wife. He takes refuge in her flat and soon they fall in love. Jack is unable to leave her apartment because he quickly learns that both the police and the dreaded yakuza are after the criminal. He grows distraught and despondent, spending hour upon hour alone as Keiko works long hours on the set. At one point, Keiko visits the yakuza don who placed the hit on Jack and agrees to hand him over in exchange for a pile of cash. But she has one stipulation: that she get to spend three days with her soon-to-be deceased lover. The boss agrees only if she engages in kinky sex with him. The deal seems set until unforeseen events occur.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1999-09-09
Run time: 85 minute / 1:25
Director: Aryan Kaganof
Production Companies : Stance Company, Kuki
Production Countries: Netherlands, Japan


Thom Hoffman
as Jack
Mai Hoshino
as Keiko
Kiyomi Itō
as Reiko
Yoji Tanaka
as Yakuza boss
Kozo Matsumoto
as Psychiatrist
Hisayasu Satô
as Detective
Yuuji Kitano
as Pornographer
as Tattoo master
Toru Kamei
as Pizza delivery
Mai Itô
as Candle artist
Tomoyuki Yamazaki
as Keiko's father
as Bodyguard
Terunori Miyazaki
as Hitman
Nozomi Shitara
as Keiko (Young)
Hidenori Ina
as Policeman
Akihiro Suzuki
as Hysterical policeman
Kazunao Sakaguchi
as Koan Agent
Masahiro Shinohara
as Bassist
Junya Shiina
as Pianist
Aryan Kaganof Director

Aryan Kaganof Writer

Tomohiko Tsuji Director of Photography

Otomo Yoshihide Music

Akihiro Suzuki Producer

Harry Caganoff Sound Designer

Kei Yoshimura Production Design © 2020

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