L’ inquiétante absence

Categories: Documentary, Horror, Fantasy
"L'inquiétante absence" is a documentary that examines the current state of genre films in Québec. In an attempt to answer their questions, the filmmakers conducted several interviews with leading figures of Québec's genre cinema from various backgrounds, in addition to meeting with fans at festivals and conventions.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2019-07-14
Directors: Amir Belkaim, Félix Brassard.
Production Country: Canada


Robin Aubert
as Robin Aubert
William Daigle Babin
as William Daigle Babin
Amir Belkaim
as Amir Belkaim
Sylvain Bellemare
as Sylvain Bellemare
Marc Boisclair
as Marc Boisclair
Mario Boivin
as Mario Boivin
Félix Brassard
as Félix Brassard
Danielle Brown
as Danielle Brown
Roger Cantin
as Roger Cantin
Erik Canuel
as Erik Canuel
as Carnior
Frédéric Chalté
as Frédéric Chalté
Pierre Corbeil
as Pierre Corbeil
Rémy Couture
as Rémy Couture
David Cronenberg
as David Cronenberg
Patrick Huard
as Patrick Huard
Izabel Grondin
as Izabel Grondin
Amir Belkaim Director
Félix Brassard Director

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