The Third Degree

Category: Romance
Alicia, a circus artist, deserts her husband and child to elope with Underwood, her handsome lover. Fifteen years later, Annie Martin, Alicia's deserted daughter, is a trapeze performer in a sideshow at Coney Island, operated by Mr. and Mrs. Chubb, and has married Howard Jeffries in spite of opposition by his wealthy parents. Jeffries, Sr., hires a man (Underwood) to separate the young couple. Underwood convinces the newlyweds that each is being unfaithful to the other, and consequently, he is threatened by Howard. Driven to fury by Underwood's uncontrollable demands, Alicia shoots him in a quarrel and makes her escape just as Howard enters; despite his innocence, Howard confesses to the crime when subjected to the third degree. Annie, realizing her mother's guilt, claims to be guilty, but Alicia then confesses. Annie is saved from suicide by Howard, and they are united by love.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1926-12-01
Run time: 80 minute / 1:20
Director: Michael Curtiz
Production Company : Warner Bros. Pictures
Production Country: United States of America


Dolores Costello
as Annie Daly
Louise Dresser
as Alicia Daly
Rockliffe Fellowes
as Underwood
Jason Robards Sr.
as Howard Jeffries Jr.
Kate Price
as Mrs. Chubb
Tom Santschi
as Daredevil Daley
Harry Todd
as Mr. Chubb
Mary Louise Miller
as Annie as a baby
Michael Vavitch
as Clinton - Chief of Detectives
David Torrence
as Howard Jeffries Sr.
Fred Kelsey
as Assistant Chief of Detectives
Margaret Gray
as Young Lady (uncredited)
Myrna Loy
as Bit Part (uncredited)
Joseph North
as Bit Part (uncredited)
Michael Curtiz Director

Hal Mohr Cinematography

Henry Blanke Assistant Director

Clarence Kolster Editor

William Keighley Dialogue Coach

C. Graham Baker Writer
Charles Klein Writer

Edward Ullman Assistant Camera © 2020

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