Hot Foot

Category: Comedy
Edgar Kennedy, in order to attend a prizefight without his brother-in-law, pretends to be sick with intentions of sneaking off later. As usual, his best-laid plan takes another direction. His mother-in-law gives him a foot bath in a tub with what turns out to be quick-setting cement. His pal Sam drills a hole in the cement to blow the cement off with explosives, with a typical-Kennedy result... disaster.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1943-05-15
Run time: 18 minute / 0:18
Director: Ben Holmes
Production Company : RKO Radio Pictures
Production Country: United States of America


Edgar Kennedy
as Edgar
Pauline Drake
as Mrs. Kennedy
Dot Farley
as Mother-in-Law
Jack Rice
as Brother-in-Law
Bud Jamison
as Sam
Jim Farley
Ben Holmes Director © 2020

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