Category: Comedy
Young major Grisha played in a beautiful life and decided that everything was permissible for him. He has done a lot of things, and now he faces a prison. To correct his son, a desperate oligarch-father goes to extreme measures. Together with his old friend, a psychologist, he comes up with a unique project: the atmosphere of the nineteenth century is being created on the basis of an abandoned village. Grisha gets into a custom-made accident and is allegedly transferred to the past. In fact, a sophisticated psychological experiment is being conducted on him - a spoiled major is turned into the usual servant Grishka, who lives in a stable in the territory of a manor’s estate. He is surrounded by actors whose goal is to change his life and personality. Each of his movements is closely monitored by a team of psychologists using a variety of cameras. Grisha will have to re-learn how to communicate with people, appreciate simple pleasures, work, and also find true love.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2019-11-24
Run time: 109 minute / 1:49
Budget: $2,601,900
Director: Klim Shipenko
Writers: Darya Gratsevich, Anton Morozenko, Dmitry Permyakov.
Production Companies : Yellow, Black & White, MEM Cinema Production, KIT Film Studio
Production Country: Russia



Miloš Biković
as Grisha
Vadim Demchog
Ivan Okhlobystin
as Psychologist
Aleksandra Bortich
as Liza
Aleksandr Samoylenko
as Grisha's father
Mariya Mironova
as Anastasiya
Kirill Nagiev
as Aleksey Barchuk
Olga Dibtseva
as Aglaya
Sofya Zaika
as Lyuba
Vilen Babichev
as Executor with a whip
Anastasiya Kozyreva
as Courtesan
Mikhail Antonov
as Kholop
Mikhail Babichev
as Prikazchik
Sergey Sotserdotsky
as Proshka
Oleg Komarov
as Barin
Sergey Abroskin
as Author of an idea
Aleksandr Oblasov
as Semyonov
Artur Vakha
as Major police
Lyudmila Chebotina
as Devushka
Dmitry Permyakov
as Sniper
Azamat Musagaliev
as Khan
Igor Gasparyan
as Tatarchonok
Darya Gratsevich
as Press officer
Andrey Malakhov
as Talk show host
Anton Morozenko
as Special forces commander
Ignat Kerimov
as Mazhor
Klim Shipenko Director

Vyacheslav Dusmukhametov Producer
Alexey Trotsyuk Producer
Vitaly Shlyappo Producer
Aleksandr Kushaev Producer
Ella Skovorodina Executive Producer

Yury Nikogosov Director of Photography

Denis Zhalinsky Producer
Eduard Iloyan Producer

Darya Gratsevich Screenplay
Darya Gratsevich Creative Producer

Taymuraz Badziev Producer
Zaurbek Bogov Executive Producer

Anton Morozenko Screenplay
Anton Morozenko Creative Producer
Dmitry Permyakov Screenplay
Dmitry Permyakov Creative Producer

Andrey Ivakin Production Design
Natalya Yakimenko Production Design © 2020

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