Billionaire Boys Club

Young, Rich, and Out of Control

Category: Thriller
The Billionaire Boys Club is based on the true story of Joe Hunt (Nelson), a shady investor who built an empire on B.S. back in the early '80s. Known as the BBC, the story involves a couple of guys recruited into Hunt's company on the promise of making millions. However, every time Hunt's lapdogs think his boss has used his cleverness to make them filthy rich, they instead find themselves with financial losses. Trying to recoup a mounting pile of debt made from giant b.s. deals, the ruthless Hunt involves select members of the BBC to aid in the worst of crimes to get what they want. But a few, scared of how far Hunt will go, try to stop Hunt's brutal reign of terror possibly before real damage begins.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1987-11-08
Run time: 200 minute / 3:20
Director: Marvin J. Chomsky


Judd Nelson
as Joseph 'Joe' Hunt
Fredric Lehne
as Christopher 'Chris' Fairmount, Jr.
Brian McNamara
as Dean Karny
Ron Silver
as Ron Levin
Raphael Sbarge
as Eric Fairmount
Stan Shaw
as Frank Booker
John Stockwell
as Brad Sedgwick
Marvin J. Chomsky Director

Isidore Mankofsky Cinematography

Gy Waldron Writer

Jorge Calandrelli Music

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