Kazoku Kashimasu ~ Family Complex

Yamamura Shuji (Tamaki Hiroshi) runs staffing "Family Romance Company" - a company that rents out people to act like their client's family members for occasions like weddings, funerals & meeting with teachers. One day, a customer, who wants to be loved by a family, comes to the "Family Romance Company." The customer's name is Tosaki Ryunosuke (Takenaka Naoto), who only has only one month left to live. Yamamura Shuji takes on the request of Tosaki Ryunosuke, but something which Yamamura Shuji does not expect occurs in the process.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2012-04-06
Run time: 114 minute / 1:54
Production Country: Japan


Hiroshi Tamaki
as Yamamura Shuji
Naoto Takenaka
as Tosaki Ryunosuke
Rena Tanaka
as Kobashi Koko

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