Dangerous Calling

In this church, the politics can be deadly

A suspense thriller set in the world of small town church politics, Dangerous Calling follows the story of Pastor Evan Burke and his wife Nora as they assume leadership of First Baptist Willit Springs after the mysterious death of the previous pastor. Eager to get to know the new pastor, Miss Pat, the church's controlling widow-woman, invites Evan and Nora to stay with her while she has the parsonage renovated. Left alone at Miss Pat's beautiful home in the mountains of North Georgia, Nora begins to suspect that Miss Pat's extremely sheltered adult son, Elijah, may have had something to do with the previous pastor's death. Although the story involves Christian characters, Dangerous Calling is not your typical church film. Owing more to Psycho and Misery than Left Behind, Dangerous Calling is sure to keep you on the edge of the pew. In this church the politics can be deadly.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2008-08-01
Run time: 94 minute / 1:34
Directors: Jeremiah Daws, Josh Daws.



Carrie L. Walrond
as Nora Burke
Jackie Prucha
as Miss Pat Hinton
Stephen Caudill
as Evan Burke
Brandon O'Dell
as Elijah Hinton
Dan Triandiflou
as Scott Grayson
Sunny Williams
as April
Frank Roberts
as Pastor Wilder
Davina Masiarczyk
as Sarah Kline
Trey Massey
as Dan
Tiffany Morgan
as Jan
Minnie Tee
as Church Soloist
Alex Wright
as Young Elijah
Melissa Weyn
as Laura Jennings
Marcia Banks
as Lady in town
Aaron Blevins
as Jeffrey Perkins
Jeremiah Daws Director
Josh Daws Director

Josh Daws Writer
Jeremiah Daws Writer

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