Closing Numbers

Category: Drama
Keith, Anna and their son Peter are a close, loving family living in a smart suburban street of a provincial city. Anna is a typical middle-class housewife, filling her day with good works, until one day, when she finds a note that leads to a shattering discovery - her husband has been having an affair. Anna's intense shock at finding out Keith's secret is compounded when she arranges to meet his lover. When Steve arrives at the meeting place, Anna is forced to accept the fact that Keith has been leading a double life for the length of their marriage. Steve stresses the risk of AIDS and urges Anna to have an AIDS test. To show her what it can be like to live with the disease, he introduces her to Jim, who needs 24-hour care and has developed a realistic attitude towards his own death. When Keith leaves home suddenly, Anna is forced to tell her son about the threat of HIV, but Peter turns violently against her and runs away.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1993-11-01
Run time: 94 minute / 1:34
Director: Stephen Whittaker
Production Companies : Arden Films, Channel 4 Television
Production Country: United Kingdom



Tim Woodward
as Keith
Jane Asher
as Anna
Frank Mills
as Frank
Hazel Douglas
as Mary
Jamie Glover
as Peter
Kris Marshall
as Fredericks
Judy Flynn
as Ellie
David Cook Writer

Stephen Whittaker Director
Sara Desmond Third Assistant Director

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