Click: The Calendar Girl Killer

Her days are numbered..

Category: Thriller
Click: The Calendar Girl Killer is a thriller that probes the inner sanctum of the mind of a psychotic killer as he uses the world of big fashion photography for his sadistic playground.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1990-03-01
Run time: 79 minute / 1:19
Directors: Ross Hagen, John Stewart.


Troy Donahue
as Alan
Ross Hagen
as Jack
Hoke Howell
as Lars
Gregory Scott Cummins
as Johnny
Keely Sims
as Cindy
Susan Jennifer Sullivan
as Lisa
Lisa Michelle Axelrod
as Jennifer
Jack Vogel
as Andy
Dona Speir
as Nancy
Michael J. Shane
as Jessie
Diana Karanikas
as Megan
Tracy Dali
as June
Juliette Cummins
as Rhonda (uncredited)
Ross Hagen Director
John Stewart Director

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