The Last Cowboy

Categories: Action, Drama
John William 'Will' Cooper is a modern-day rancher, maintaining his ranch in hard times along with his friend and foreman Amos Russell. When Will's estranged daughter Jake returns to the ranch for her grandfather's funeral, father and daughter clash over how to run the ranch and over the death years before of Jake's mother, which she blames on Will. Crisis comes in the form of insurmountable debt, and it is only by working together that Will and Jake have any chance of saving their home and their family.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2002-01-01
Director: Joyce Chopra



Jennie Garth
as Jacqueline 'Jake' Cooper
Lance Henriksen
as John William Cooper
M.C. Gainey
as Amos Russell
Bradley Cooper
as Morgan Murphy
Dylan Wagner
as Billy
Muse Watson
as Otis Bertram
John Vargas
as Robert Sanchez
Eugene Osment
as Alex Kerwin
Richard Friedman Music

Joyce Chopra Director

Chris Walden Music

J.P. Martin Writer

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