Stolen Love

Category: Romance
Raymond Lam stars as Rick, a successful architect who discovers he may have a forgotten past. He gets hit by a car while lost in thought over an advertisement featuring Angela Lok (Rain Li), a popular novelist. When he awakes, he finds he's lost his creative abilities. Only when he's near Angela does the spark return. So what does he do? He moves into her building, of course. However, it isn't that easy. Rick's current project is supposed to tear down Angela's apartment building, evicting her and the local residents (including Wong Yat-Fei and Wyman Wong). She fights him at first, but as you'd expect, her defenses wear down and the two become friends. Even more, Angela senses a hidden past between she and Rick, too. The two resolve to discover more about it, and along the way their feelings grow for one another.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2001-12-06
Director: Alan Mak
Production Company : Gala Film Distribution Limited
Production Country: Hong Kong


Raymond Lam
as Rick Kwok
Rain Li
as Angela
Cheung Tat-Ming
as So
Margaret Chung
as Annie
Wyman Wong Wai-Man
as Lok Sai
Wong Yat-Fei
as Longlife
Joe Ma
as Joe
Lee Fung
as Granny Mary
Samson Yeung
as Charming Yeung
Soi Cheang
as Dr Alan
Louis Wong
as Bartender
Yu Sai-Tang
as Antique Dept official
Alan Mak Director

Felix Chong Writer

David Chan Sek-Hong Producer © 2021

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