Baby Love

Categories: Animation, Romance
Seara loved Shuhei ever since she was a little girl. Although, Shuhei was thee years older and much bigger than her. He told her to come back when she was older and more grown-up. A few years later, Seara grew to look like a high school student and managed to riggle her way into Shuhei's home. She will now attempt to win his heart, although there might be some obstacles in her path.OAV adapted from Baby Love manga.

Status: Released
Release date: 1997-10-31
Run time: 30 minute / 0:30
Director: Susumu Kudou
Production Country: Japan


Hiroko Kasahara
as Seara Arisugawa (voice)
Junko Takeuchi
as Koharu Seto (voice)
Tatsuya Okada
as Shuuhei Seto (voice)
Tomoko Konparu Script

Susumu Kudou Director

Katsuyoshi Kanemura Art Direction
Atsushi Ioki Art Direction

Ayumi Shiina Original Story © 2020

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