Dangerous Venture

Category: Western
Sue Morgan gets Hoppy and his friends to join their expedition looking for Indian artifacts. Expedition leader Atwood makes a deal with nearby cattle rustler Morgan to loot the Indian treasures instead and sell them. Hoppy is on to their plan and pretending to leave follows them. Not only is he outnumbered by Morgan's men, but California has himself about to be sacrificed in an Indian ritual.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1947-05-23
Run time: 59 minute / 0:59
Director: George Archainbaud
Writer: Doris Schroeder
Production Company : Hopalong Cassidy Productions Inc.
Production Country: United States of America



William Boyd
as Hopalong Cassidy
Andy Clyde
as California Carlson
Rand Brooks
as Lucky Jenkins
Fritz Leiber
as Chief Xeoli
Douglas Evans
as Dr. Grimes Atwood
Harry Cording
as Morgan
Betty Alexander
as Sue
Francis McDonald
as Kane
George Archainbaud Director

Doris Schroeder Screenplay
Clarence E. Mulford Characters

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