Categories: Fantasy, Animation, Horror, Science Fiction
What comes around goes around...even from beyond the grave. Most criminals are only concerned with earthly justice - the laws of man. All too often, the guilty go free, their deeds unpunished. But there is another law. Deep within the spirit world, the wrongful dead seek retribution for the crimes against them by the living. These restless spirits have their own code of justice, and they've chosen the Judge of Darkness and his Demons of Hell to enforce them. An appeal for justice leads to an investigation of a successful, high-ranking corporate executive. Who would believe he'd be involved with embezzlement and murder? But the Judge of Darkness soon discovers that the roots of corruption run deep as he slowly works his way up the corporate pyramid.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1991-06-15
Run time: 50 minute / 0:50
Director: Hiroshi Negishi
Writer: Katsuhiko Chiba
Production Companies : Animate Film, Tokyo Laboratory, Jay Film Co., Ltd., Movic, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan), KSS, Studio Boston, Gen, J.C.Staff
Production Country: Japan



Kaneto Shiozawa
as Hoichiro Ohma (voice)
Keiko Yamamoto
as Junko Asami (voice)
Miki Ito
as Nanase (voice)
Shinya Ôtaki
as Susumu Watanabe (voice)
Tomomichi Nishimura
as Shimon (voice)
Wataru Takagi
as Male Employee (voice)
Yuri Amano
as Female Employee (voice)
Yuzuru Fujimoto
as Parrot (voice)
Daisuke Gouri
as Enma-Oh (voice)
Issei Futamata
as Koji Kawamata (voice)
Hideyuki Hori
as Ryuichi Murakami (voice)
Toshio Henmi Editor

Fujihiko Hosono Creator

Katsuhiko Chiba Screenplay

Hiroshi Negishi Director

Yukio Suzuki Background Designer

Akihiko Takahashi Director of Photography

Visual Effects
Eiji Suganuma Key Animation

Toshiro Imaizumi Original Music Composer

Tetsunori Oyama Art Direction
Tetsunori Oyama Background Designer

Visual Effects
Shin Matsuo Animation Director
Shin Matsuo Character Designer
Shin Matsuo Key Animation

Mitsuhisa Hida Executive Producer
Yutaka Takahashi Executive Producer
Nagateru Kato Producer
Yasuhisa Kazama Producer

Munesuke Wada Editor

Visual Effects
Akio Takami Key Animation

Noriyoshi Matsuura Sound Director

Visual Effects
Takahiro Kishida Key Animation

Masaki Sawanobori Production Coordinator

Daisuke Jinbo Sound Effects

Visual Effects
Fumie Muroi Key Animation
Yukio Okano Key Animation

Yoshio Obara Recording Supervision

Visual Effects
Takuya Saito Key Animation
Takao Yoshikawa Animation Supervisor
Ryuji Shiromae Key Animation

Tadashi Watanabe Production Office Coordinator

Chisato Sunagawa Art Designer

Visual Effects
Hiromi Sakai Animation Supervisor
Nobuko Ogino Animation Supervisor
Shinji Takai Animation Supervisor
Akitoshi Maeda Key Animation
Hidetoshi Yoshida Key Animation
Masahiko Oouchi Key Animation
Masashi Yanagishita Key Animation
Misao Nakono Key Animation
Yuuichi Sato Key Animation

Norihisa Abe Line Producer

Toshiro Oguri Music Producer
Gō Abe Sound Effects

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