La peli de Batato

Category: Documentary
Batato Barea, the “clown/intellectual/transvestite” was a genius of the underground scene who was able to represent all the nuances of a changing country with his own poetic radicalism, in such a unique way that it made him irreplaceable. That paradox is the basis for this documentary by Peter Pank and Goyo Anchou, two authors in search of a character and his legacy, but also his irreplaceable presence and instantaneous, evanescent theatricality, which challenged every mandate and convention.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2011-04-07
Run time: 150 minute / 2:30
Directors: Peter Pank, Goyo Anchou, Goyo Anchou.
Production Country: Argentina


Batato Barea
as Himself
Cecilia Roth
as Herself
Antonio Gasalla
as Himself
Alejandra Flechner
as Herself
Verónica Llinás
as Herself
Peter Pank Director
Goyo Anchou Director
Goyo Anchou Director

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