The Croods

Meet the first modern family.

Categories: Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Prehistoric family the Croods live in a particularly dangerous moment in time. Patriarch Grug, his mate, Ugga , teenage daughter Eep, son Thunk and feisty Gran gather food by day and huddle together in a cave at night. When a more evolved caveman named Guy arrives on the scene, Grug is distrustful, but it soon becomes apparent that Guy is correct about the impending destruction of their world.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2013-03-20
Run time: 98 minute / 1:38
Budget: $135,000,000
Revenue: $587,204,668
Directors: Chris Sanders, Kirk DeMicco.
Writer: Chris Sanders
Production Company : DreamWorks Animation
Production Country: United States of America


Nicolas Cage
as Grug Crood (voice)
Catherine Keener
as Ugga Crood (voice)
Emma Stone
as Eep Crood (voice)
Cloris Leachman
as Gran Crood (voice)
Randy Thom
as Sandy Crood (voice)
Chris Sanders
as Belt (voice)
Ryan Reynolds
as Guy (voice)
Clark Duke
as Thunk Crood (voice)
Alan Silvestri Music

Sheri Galloway First Assistant Editor

John Cleese Writer

Dominique Louis Art Direction

Visual Effects
Carter Goodrich Character Designer

Dennie Thorpe Foley
Jana Vance Foley
William Ross Orchestrator

Jane Hartwell Producer
Leslee Feldman Casting

Jim Passon Color Timer
Darren T. Holmes Editor

Christophe Lautrette Production Design

Peter Lord Thanks
David Sproxton Thanks
Yong Duk Jhun Cinematography

C.K. Horness Associate Editor
Ellen Keneshea Associate Editor

Chris Sanders Screenplay

Chris Sanders Director

Erika Dapkewicz Additional Editing

Kirk DeMicco Director

Kirk DeMicco Writer

Ronald G. Roumas Sound Recordist

James Beshears Executive In Charge Of Post Production
Kristine Belson Producer

Gary Rizzo Sound Re-Recording Mixer

Visual Effects
Nicolas Weis Visual Development
Brett Nystul Visual Development
Paul Lasaine Additional Effects Development
Liron Topaz Animation

Nicholas Brandt Administration

Visual Effects
Joseph C. Moshier Character Designer

Andrew Birch Post-Production Manager

Christi Soper Casting

Joe E. Rand Music Editor
Pascal Garneau Foley Editor
Sue Fox Foley Editor
J.R. Grubbs Sound Effects Editor
Mac Smith Sound Effects Editor

Leff Lefferts Sound Design Assistant

Simon Rodgers Art Department Manager

David Lee Digital Producer

Visual Effects
James Baxter Animation
Emil Mitev Visual Development

Shane Prigmore Art Department Manager

Visual Effects
Shannon Tindle Character Designer
Kristof Serrand Animation Supervisor
Kathy Zielinski Animation

Joseph R. Thygesen Assistant Editor

Visual Effects
Steve Cunningham Animation

Peter Cobbin Additional Sound Re-Recordist

Visual Effects
Line Korsgaard Andersen Animation Supervisor
Jamaal Bradley Animation

Benjamin A. Burtt Assistant Sound Editor

Visual Effects
Bill Diaz Animation
Willy Harber Lead Animator

Shadi Almassizadeh Lighting Supervisor

Visual Effects
Takao Noguchi Character Designer

Rebecca Huntley Executive In Charge Of Production

Visual Effects
Jeff Hayes Character Modelling Supervisor

Brian Chumney Dialogue Editor

Visual Effects
Michael Kiely Animation
Bill Kaufmann Additional Effects Development

Chris Hewitt Post Production Assistant

Bonnie Lemon Executive In Charge Of Production

David M. Poole Assistant Editor

Kathleen Marie-Frainier Fredrickson Finance

Visual Effects
Philippe Brochu Modeling
Phil Zucco Modeling
Scott C. Lemmer Animation
Irene Parkins Animation

Tripp Hudson Executive In Charge Of Production

Bert Poole Lighting Supervisor

Mollie Gamo Casting Associate
Jed Schlanger Production Manager

Carlos Sotolongo Sound Re-Recording Mixer

Visual Effects
Simon Valdimir Varela Additional Effects Development
Kevin Burrows Animation Department Coordinator

Roger Linley Musician

Adam DesCombes Assistant Editor

Visual Effects
Raffaella Filipponi Animation
Fredrik Nilsson Animation Supervisor

Alvin Tenpo Systems Administrators & Support

Beth Hofer Executive In Charge Of Production

Visual Effects
Facundo Rabaudi Additional Effects Development

Nicholas Bucknall Musician
Anna Noakes Musician
Andrew Crowley Musician

Bart Feliciano Systems Administrators & Support

Betty Tom Finance
Brittany Cope Casting Associate

Visual Effects
Valentina Ercolani Creature Technical Director
Won Young Byun Creature Technical Director
Yukinori Inagaki Creature Technical Director
Davide La Sala Creature Technical Director

Ariga Parseghian Finance
Terri Anderson Finance

Shawn Bohonos Systems Administrators & Support
Dave Dinsmore Systems Administrators & Support
Dj Downey Systems Administrators & Support
Alireza Estakhrian Systems Administrators & Support
Julio C. Talavera Systems Administrators & Support
Alex Cardullo Post Production Assistant

Visual Effects
Kara Oropallo Animation Supervisor

Rain Angeles Systems Administrators & Support

Ariandy Chandra Title Designer

Visual Effects
Nate Wragg Additional Effects Development

John Ashton Thomas Orchestrator

Bruce Seifert Executive In Charge Of Production

Visual Effects
Pierre-Olivier Vincent Additional Effects Development
David Couchariere Animation
James Hull Animation
Ken Morrissey Animation
Sean Sexton Animation Supervisor
Greg Whittaker Animation

Mary Blee Associate Editor

Visual Effects
Tony Siruno Character Designer
Cliff B. Mitchell Creature Technical Director
Jeff Wagner Modeling

Scott Kilty Systems Administrators & Support
Todd Maugh Systems Administrators & Support

Steven Schweickart Lighting Supervisor

Jabari Phillips Script Coordinator

Debbie L. O'Keeffe Administration

Visual Effects
Jakob Hjort Jensen Animation Supervisor
Margaret Wuller Visual Development
Michael Yamada Additional Effects Development

Paul Duncan Art Direction

Visual Effects
Felix Yoon Additional Effects Development
Griselda Sastrawinata Additional Effects Development
Jason William Scheier Additional Effects Development
Ronald A. Kurniawan Additional Effects Development

JoAnn Bianchi Administration
Grace Bisel Administration
Abe Brown Administration
Sam Hinton Administration
Beth Jankus Administration
Rich Lee Administration
Carole Sue Lipman Administration
Sue Harrison Marchant Administration
Grace Marrufo Administration
Joe Park Administration
Cristina Schweitzer Administration
Julie Sherwood Administration
Shawnis Tinker Administration
Trisha Vo Administration
Peggy Wayne Administration
Kevin D. Engle Administration
Michele Lyn Reed Administration

Visual Effects
Nayoun Charoenchai Animation
Sujit Chatterjee Animation
Thomas Grummt Animation
Jennifer E. Harlow Animation
Steve Horrocks Animation
Rajesh P.K. Animation
Jason Ryan Animation
Michael C. Walling Animation
Morgan N. Greene Animation
Roberto Espanto Domingo Animation

Michelle Cabalu Assistant Editor

Melissa G. Baldwin Legal Services
Vinnie Bowling Legal Services
Yolanda Cooley Legal Services
Marica De La Lastra Legal Services
Marissa Downey Legal Services
David Estrada Legal Services
Chris Fahland Legal Services
Elissa Faye Legal Services
Cheryl Friedman Legal Services
Matt Garland Legal Services
Maggie Gibb Legal Services
Catherine D. Giddings Legal Services
Faith Gloria Legal Services
Kyle Goins Legal Services
Richard Hamner Jr. Legal Services
Bethany Haptas Legal Services
Abby Harris Legal Services
Paul Iannicelli Legal Services
Robbin Kelley Legal Services
Robert Kelly Legal Services
Jennifer Kuo Legal Services
Alison Lima Legal Services
Christopher C. Miller Legal Services
Kirsten Milliken Legal Services
Adria Munnerlyn Legal Services
Kam Naderi Legal Services
Katherine O'Connor Legal Services
Julie Shikiya-Pascucci Legal Services
Martha Shipway Legal Services
Mona Shokrai Legal Services
Susan Souther Legal Services
Lynn Stepney Legal Services
Jennifer Vanse Talluto Legal Services
Joni Torres Legal Services
Todd Whitford Legal Services
Amie Woolweber Legal Services
Alissa Rowinsky Wright Legal Services
Cathleen Brown Legal Services

Sara Zebrack Casting Assistant

Visual Effects
David Hubert Lead Animator
David Weatherly Lead Animator

Hans Dastrup Supervising Animator

Visual Effects
Hans Dastrup Lead Animator
Zsoka Barkacs Creature Technical Director
Hyun Seung Kim Creature Technical Director
Seonhwa Kim Creature Technical Director
Koji Morihiro Creature Technical Director
Kendal Sager Creature Technical Director
Jeffrey Smith Creature Technical Director
Kristafer Vale Creature Technical Director

Michael K. Bassler Systems Administrators & Support
Steven Chen Systems Administrators & Support
Chris De Zorzi Systems Administrators & Support
Anes Khalifa Hadrez Systems Administrators & Support
John Harris Systems Administrators & Support
Herman Hong Systems Administrators & Support
Anthony C. Lanni Systems Administrators & Support
Derek Mann Systems Administrators & Support
David McClure Systems Administrators & Support
Michael Perry Systems Administrators & Support
Rogelio Yañez Systems Administrators & Support
Jorge Juan González Systems Administrators & Support

Danielle Duran Editorial Coordinator

Kristine Borchard Finance
Cathy Brillon Finance
Patti Burke Finance
Monique Buttle Finance
Lisa Chan Finance
Katie Colyer Finance
Christopher Cruz Finance
Bruce Daitch Finance
Pavina Desai Finance
Laura Fratianne Finance
Jason Fujimoto Finance
Vandana Gomez Finance
Michael Hatch Finance
Cheryl Jordan Finance
Tami Keaton Finance
Kelly Kirby Finance
Vicki Lan Finance
Fern Lee Finance
Stephanie Lee Finance
Steven Lewandowski Finance
Matthew Lifson Finance
Sherry Liu Finance
Sara Lopez Finance
Jane Maltby Finance
Martha Manchanda Finance
Gwendolyn Mason Finance
Ann Mata Finance
Abbey Meris Finance
Victor Nevarez Finance
Shannon Olivas Finance
Angela Page Finance
Ross Pebley Finance
Velvet Philipps Finance
Susan Ray Finance
Shellie Robin Finance
John Romeo Finance
Alexis Settles Finance
Max Sherman Finance
Kris Sims-Roethel Finance
Jessica Tatoian Finance
Dianne Waldman Finance
Nate Willits Finance
Bailey Wong Finance
Debbie A. Rosell Finance
Tina Tseng Finance

Kenneth Brain Lighting Artist
Angela M. Eliasz Lighting Artist
Shane Glading Lighting Artist
Ian Jenkins Lighting Artist
Kenny Lam Lighting Artist
Tim Llewellyn Lighting Artist
Rupali Parekh Lighting Artist
Roman Robbins Lighting Artist
Curt Stewart Lighting Artist
Eugene Wen Lighting Artist
Priyes Shah Lighting Artist
Ruhi Sinha Lighting Artist
Jonathan Harman Lighting Supervisor

Visual Effects
Jason Baldwin Modeling
Joachim de Brunier Modeling
Craig Dowsett Modeling
Jaewon Lee Modeling
Emmanuel Fragelus Modeling

Paul Kegg Musician
Ralph Salmins Musician
Skaila Kanga Musician
Victor Pesavento Orchestrator

John Geller Post Production Assistant
David Yanover Post Production Supervisor

Dennis Park Production Accountant
Darci Zalvin Executive In Charge Of Production
Michael J. Henderson Executive In Charge Of Production
Daniela Mazzucato Production Manager

Visual Effects
Michelle Jurado Staphylas Animation Supervisor

Karen Barnash Character Technical Supervisor

Robert Briggs Script Supervisor

Visual Effects
Arthur Fong Visual Development
Tianyi Han Visual Development
Leighton Hickman Visual Development
Huy K. Nguyen Visual Development
Markus Manninen Visual Effects Supervisor

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