Paw Patrol: Halloween Heroes

Category: Animation
Gear up for tricks, treats, and rescues in these 7 Halloween PAW Patrol adventures, featuring a really ghoul double-length special! Join a costume caper on Cap'n Turbot's haunted ship, track down a mysterious ghost, explore a creepy cabin, help a lost baby bat, save a pumpkin patch, stop a corn maze catastrophe and more!

Status: Released
Release date: 2017-09-18
Run time: 96 minute / 1:36


Devan Cohen
as Rubble (voice)
Owen Mason
as Ryder (voice)
Kallan Holley
as Skye (voice)
Gage Munroe
as Marshall (voice)
Stuart Ralston
as Rocky (voice)
Tristan Samuel
as Chase (voice)
Alex Thorne
as Zuma (voice)
Juan Chioran
as Raimundo (voice)
Deanne Degruijter
as Mayor Goodway (voice)
Christian Distefano
as Alex (voice)
Katherine Forrester
as Katie (voice)
Julie Lemieux
as Cali (voice)
Scott McCord
as Jake (voice)
Hiromi Okuyama
as Farmer Yumi (voice)
Ron Pardo
as Cap'n Turbot (voice)
Blair Williams
as Mr. Porter (voice)

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