Rudo & Cursi

Even when your luck runs out, some things never change.

Categories: Comedy, Drama
Two brothers living a hard life of manual labor in rural Mexico have a simple dream: saving enough money to build their mother her dream house. But fate has other plans. A friendly game of soccer leads to first Rudo, then to Cursi being taken on by the nation’s top talent scout. Suddenly, they find themselves living the high life of star athletes: fame, fortune, fast cars and beautiful women.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2008-12-19
Run time: 102 minute / 1:42
Director: Carlos Cuarón
Writer: Carlos Cuarón
Production Company : Canana
Production Countries: Mexico, United States of America


Gael García Bernal
as Tato
Diego Luna
as Beto
Guillermo Francella
as Batuta
Dolores Heredia
as Elvira
Adriana Paz
as Toña
Jessica Mas
as Maya
Salvador Zerboni
as Jorge W
Tania Esmeralda Aguilar
as Nadia
Joaquín Cosío
as Arnulfo
Alfredo Alfonso
as Don Casimiro
Fermín Martínez
as DT Obdulio
Eduardo Von
as DT Bruno López
Axel Ricco
as Mena
Harold Torres
as Trompo Tovar
Gabino Rodríguez
as Mafafo
Alexander Da Silva
as Gringa Roldán
Armando Hernández
as Cienpiés
Alexandré Barceló
as Fito
Jorge Mondragón
as Porro
Enoc Leaño
as Árbitro
José Carlos Rodríguez
as DT Merodio
Martín Altomaro
as Comentarista TV 1
Pablo Lach
as Comentarista TV 2
David Faitelson
as Comentarista TV 1 (voice)
Antonio Rosique
as Comentarista TV 2 (voice)
Claudia Becker
as Quetis
Manuel Teil
as Quico
René Campero
as Apostador 1
Sonia Guerrero
as Apostador 2
Jorge Guerrero
as Apostador 3
Andrés Almeida
as Apostador 4
Annette Fradera
as Apostador 5
Olynka Velázquez
as Mesera
Pedro De Tavira
as Chavo Hipódromo 1
Felipe de Lara
as Chavo Hipódromo 2
Jimena Cuarón Barraza
as Chava Hipódromo 1
Fernanda de la Peza
as Chava Hipódromo 2
Giselle Elías
as Chava Fresa 2
Alejandro González Iñárritu Producer

Adam Kimmel Director of Photography

Alfonso Cuarón Producer

Carlos Cuarón Screenplay

Carlos Cuarón Director

Carlos Cuarón Producer
Frida Torresblanco Producer
Guillermo del Toro Producer

Eugenio Caballero Production Design

Alex Rodríguez Editor

David Linde Producer
Kimberly Mullen Casting
Mark Mullen Casting

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