Raid Into Tibet

Category: Documentary
In May 1964, three British filmmakers traveled with the Khampa guerrillas over a 20,000-foot pass into occupied Tibet from the remote Tsum region of Nepal and captured dramatic footage of an ambush on a Chinese military convoy. The footage was smuggled out and edited two years later in London, and officially released in 1966 to critical acclaim. Shot by Oscar-winning cinematographer Chris Menges (THE READER, LOCAL HERO, THE KILLING FIELDS), this documentary short is an important historical artifact, representing the only known footage of armed Tibetan resistance fighters in combat with the Chinese.

Status: Released
Release date: 1966-01-01
Run time: 28 minute / 0:28
Director: Adrian Cowell
Production Country: United Kingdom


Chris Menges Cinematography

Adrian Cowell Director

George Patterson Producer

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