Go! Anpanman: The Lyrical Magical Witch's School

Categories: Animation, Family
One day Anpanman finds a big cloud over the sea, home to the School for Witches. One of the students, Lyrica, makes friends with Anpanman and leaves to join his gang. One night Baikinman and Dokinchan sneak into the teacher's room and steal the magic book, stick and glasses. Baikinman uses great magic, making the school a dark world. Will Lyrica come back to her school and friends ...?

Status: Released
Release date: 1994-07-17
Run time: 60 minute / 1:0
Directors: Hiroyuki Yano, Akinori Nagaoka.
Writer: Makiko
Website: http://www.anpanman.jp/
Production Companies : Shochiku-Fuji Company, TMS Entertainment, Nippon Television Network Corporation
Production Country: Japan



Keiko Toda
as Anpanman
Ryusei Nakao
as Baikinman
Eiko Masuyama
as Dr Witch (Masozen sensei)
Rica Matsumoto
as Lyrica
Hiroshi Masuoka
as Jam-Ojisan
Shunzo Kato Executive Producer

Hiroyuki Yano Director

Takashi Yanase Original Story

Akinori Nagaoka Director

Taku Izumi Music

Makiko Screenplay

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