The Appointments of Dennis Jennings

Category: Comedy
Dennis Jennings is an introverted daydreamer, sleepwalking through life. He is a professional waiter and has an equally-dull girlfriend, Emma. In an attempt to release his pent-up feelings of isolation, he begins seeing a psychiatrist, only to discover that the doctor is somewhat less than interested in what he has to say. The film won an Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1988-01-01
Run time: 29 minute / 0:29
Director: Dean Parisot
Production Country: United States of America


Steven Wright
as Dennis Jennings
Rowan Atkinson
as Dr. Schooner
Laurie Metcalf
as Emma
as Laughing Psychiatrist
Christopher Durang
as Laughing Psychiatrist
Martha Gehman
as Lisa
Joe Grifasi
as Bartender
Thomas Ikeda
as Laughing Psychiatrist
Dana Ivey
as Newscaster
Peter Maloney
as Dr. Wilson
Bill McCutcheon
as Man on TV
Mick Muldoon
as Repairman
David Hyde Pierce
as Businessman
Mike Starr
as Doorman
John Tillinger
as Psychiatrist Drawing
Damian Young
as Businessman
Rochelle Oliver
as Woman on TV
Steven Wright Writer

David V. Picker Executive Producer

Dean Parisot Director

Paula Mazur Producer

Mike Armstrong Writer

Paul Jackson Executive Producer

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