La comédie humaine

Category: Comedy
The story revolves around a Spring, a hitman from mainland China who is on a mission in Hong Kong with his partner Setting Sun. However, Spring falls ill and comes under the care of a screenwriter by the name of Soya and they find themselves developing into a tight and everlasting friendship.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2010-03-31
Run time: 100 minute / 1:40
Directors: Chan Hing-Kar, Janet Chun.
Production Country: Hong Kong


Chapman To
as Spring
Wong Cho-lam
as Soya
Fiona Sit
as Tin-Oi
Hui Siu-Hung
as Setting Sun
Kama Law
as Maggie Chan
C Kwan
as Supes
Chui Tien-You
as Policeman/Soldier
Carl Ng
as Police sergeant
Maggie Li Man-Kwan
as Spirit
Lee Lik-Chi
as Director Fung
Law Wing-Cheong
as Assassin Win
Soi Cheang
as Assassin To
Derek Kwok
as Weather Man
Fung Chih-chiang
as Roach
Poon Hang-Sang
as Doctor
Tang Chi-Kin
as Danny Lau
Wong Yau-Nam
as Maggie's boyfriend
Sunny Chan
as Scriptwriter
Lau Ho-Leung
as Scriptwriter
Dada Chan
as Actress
Nick Cheung Editor

Chan Hing-Kar Director

Chan Hing-Kar Producer

Chan Hing-Kar Writer

Janet Chun Director

Janet Chun Writer

Amy Chin Producer

Andy Cheung Music
Tsang-Hei Chiu Music

Chris Wong Art Direction

Costume & Make-Up
Kwok Keung Tsui Costume Design

Horace Wong Director of Photography

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