Apocalypse: Caught in the Eye of the Storm

Two people, two beliefs. One choice.

Category: Thriller
Two news broadcasters, through investigation, find that they were left behind after the biblical rapture. Bronson Pearl and Helen Hannah are two news broadcasters who are covering the impending war in Israel. Yet, suddenly millions of people disappear, then a new leader performs an incredible miracle. These are astounding media events. Helen soon comes to the realization that these times are fulfilling biblical prophesy... and she was left behind.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1998-09-27
Run time: 94 minute / 1:34
Director: Peter Gerretsen
Website: http://www.apocalypse-themovie.com/
Production Company : Cloud Ten Pictures
Production Country: Canada


Leigh Lewis
as Helen Hannah
Richard Nester
as Bronson Pearl
Sam Bornstein
as Franco Macalusso
David Roddis
as Len Parker
David Wand
as Agent Domi
Toni Carey
as Grandma
Michael Halkusis
as General Alizar
Rexella Van Impe
as Herself
Jack Van Impe
as Himself
Mel Prout
as Jim
Maria Lianos
as Janet Shutt / Voice Over
Tara Goudrea
as Suzette
Leanne Scott
as Eve
Paris Bonsu
as Steve
Shauna MacDonald
as Kerry
Mel Downey
as Dr. Stephen Horne
Ian Matheson
as Mike
Christopher Coggan
as Richard Stanfield
Luis Palau
as Himself
Mark Richardson
as Robert
Giovanni Pugliano
as Israeli Officer #1
Shula Jacobi
as Israeli Officer #2
Hassan Riahizadeh
as Israeli Soldier
Glen Cherny
as Israeli Soldier
Blaine Dempsy
as Israeli Soldier
Mick Domar
as Israeli Soldier
Erich Kuehlem
as Israeli Soldier
Brad Smith
as Israeli Soldier
David Holland
as Israeli Soldier
Tony Woolf
as Israeli Soldier
Darius Izewski
as Israeli Soldier
David Nagy
as Israeli Soldier
Joel Silverstone
as Israeli Officer
Egidio Tari
as Israel Cameraman
Chas Ramsay
as Engineer
Alison Lloyd
as Camera Person
Jared Porter
as Camera Person
Dale Moore
as Randy Sistilli
Michelle Garry
as Technical Editor
Gareth Bond
as Calvin Smith / Voice Over
Frank Quintan
as Admiral Jim Kirk
Steven Reich
as General Assad
Catririna Knapp
as Woman Who Lost Baby
Barry Gallant
as Car Crash Victim
Marlin Maddoux
as Himself (on 'Point of View') (voice)
Casey Fleming
as Agent Probert
Wendy Steele
as Sam Metcalf
Jeffrey Coulter
as Orthodox Leader Zack Probert
Saul Stolovitch
as Rabbi
James D. Watts
as EU Spokesman
Lewis Molacco
as Jewish Leader
Bill Farmer
as Arab Leader
Lee Absolom
as Man on Street / Voice Over
Anne Kokot
as Woman on Street
Kelly Birch
as Trooper
Edward Zwolinski
as Trooper / Prison Yard Guard #1
Matt Hummel
as Trooper / Prison Yard Guard #4
Carl Luff
as Trooper / Prison Yard Guard #5
Ana Sarajva
as Mom #1
Will Webster
as Dad #1
Lindsey Rebernik
as Kid #1
Julie Nikkamen
as Mom #2
Mark Nikkamen
as Dad #2
Tara Zielman
as Kid #2
Adam Zielman
as Kid #2
Skip Dewling
as Prison Yard Guard #2
Richard Yonge
as Prison Yard Guard #3
Tom Pronto
as Prison Yard Guard #6 / Voice Over
Tom Anthony
as Voice Over (voice)
Ken Ryan
as WNN Voice (voice)
Igor Boros
as Voice Over (voice)
Chuck Lafleur
as Voice Over (voice)
Elizabeth Nielsen
as Voice Over (voice)
Cliff Rawnsley
as Voice Over (voice)
Maria Kelenc
as Voice Over (voice)
Jamie Yeo
as Voice Over (voice)
André van Heerden First Assistant Camera

Paul Lalonde Producer

Paul Lalonde Writer

Peter Lalonde Producer

Peter Lalonde Writer

Peter Gerretsen Director

Michael Walker Thanks

Michael Walker Associate Producer

Scott Peterson Thanks

Jack Van Impe Script Supervisor

Igor Boros Editor

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