One Piece: Curse of the Sacred Sword

Categories: Animation, Adventure, Action
The Straw Hat Pirates landed at Asuka Island, home of the most valuable sword in the world: The Seven Star Sword. Which was said to curse anyone who takes it in possession. When they got back to the Going Merry, they discovered that Zoro is missing from his guard duty. Before they could plan out a search party to relocate him. Luffy and friends escape from the port as Marines were on their tail. They found a new place to dock, which is near a village. Whose job is to keep the Seven Star Sword sealed. Soon it was attacked by the Marines, and among them is Zoro. Luffy and the others don't know why he's helping out the Marines. But it all comes to conclusion when Luffy encounters Saga: Zoro's childhood friend from Swordsman training.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2004-03-06
Run time: 95 minute / 1:35
Revenue: $13,422,333
Director: Kazuhisa Takenôchi
Production Companies : Toei Animation, Toei Company, Ltd.
Production Country: Japan



Mayumi Tanaka
as Monkey D. Luffy
Kazuya Nakai
as Roronoa Zoro
Akemi Okamura
as Nami
Kappei Yamaguchi
as Usopp
Hiroaki Hirata
as Sanji
Ikue Otani
as Tony Tony Chopper
Yuriko Yamaguchi
as Nico Robin
Ryoka Yuzuki
as Maya
Shidou Nakamura
as Saga
Masami Hisamoto
as Izaya
Hiroki Uchi
as Toma
Seiji Sasaki
as Bismark
Kazuhisa Takenôchi Director

Eiichiro Oda Characters
Yoshiyuki Suga Writer

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