His Dog

Category: Drama
Peter Olsen, a young social outcast who lives alone on a rundown farm and raises vegetables for a living, finds his only consolation in liquor, though Dorcas Chatham, daughter of the general store owner, begs him to forego this indulgence. Returning from town, he finds a dog by the roadside, apparently injured by a car, and takes it home. Later, on a drunken spree, Peter is attacked by robbers, but the dog comes to his rescue and frightens the assailants away. Stirred by the unselfish devotion of his dog, Peter gradually regains his self-respect, and Dorcas falls in love with him and accepts his proposal, though she fears the dog. When Peter enters the dog in a show, another exhibitor proves to be its owner, and Peter is first parted from, then reunited with, "his" dog. Dorcas overcomes her fear and is united with Peter.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1927-07-24
Run time: 70 minute / 1:10
Director: Karl Brown
Writer: Olga Printzlau
Production Company : DeMille Pictures Corporation
Production Country: United States of America


Edward C. Jewell Art Direction
Mitchell Leisen Art Direction

Karl Brown Director

Fred Westerberg Cinematography

John W. Krafft Writer
Olga Printzlau Screenplay

William J. Scully Assistant Director

Margaret Darrell Editor

Albert Payson Terhune Story

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